These Five Stylists Just Won a Year-Long Mentorship with Tabatha Coffey


Matrix doesn’t just make hair dreams come true, they make professional dreams come true, too! The professional hair care leader did just that for five amazing stylists who have recently been named the winners of the brand’s 2021-2022 Mentor Me program with Matrix Global Business Ambassador and TV star, Tabatha Coffey.

To secure their win, the salon pros were tasked with submitting photos of their work as well as a 3-minute video documenting their “hair journey” and explaining why they should be picked as a mentee. Now, the five winners will embark on a year-long journey of education, growth, and one-on-one mentorship alongside Coffey. The program will kick off this May when the new mentees will meet Coffey for the very first time and take their first skills test, which will be used to help build a robust coursework catalog along several areas in the hair industry — cuts, color, styling, business, and personal growth.

“As you may know this program means a lot to me and I can’t wait to support these fabulous professionals on this year long journey,” Coffey shared in an Instagram post. “It’s going to be an amazing year full of surprises, and growth and I am honoured and grateful I get to be a part of the journey.”

If you’re ready to learn more about the next big things in the hair industry, keep reading to see Matrix’s 2021 MentorMe winners.

Mark Amponin, @iam.markstephen

Hairstylist Mark Amponin

“Hello, I’m Mark from Chicago, IL. I have 6 years under my belt in the beauty industry. My passion is Education, Growth, and High Quality work.”

Babs Busch, @littlebabybabs

Hairstylist Bars Busch

“Howdy! I’m Babs! I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah. I love my dog, my family, my motorcycle and I love doing hair! I’ve only been in this amazing industry for 2 years but I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon!”

Chavaun DeVore, @chavaundevore

Hairstylist Chavaun DeVore

“Hello! I’m from Las Vegas. I grew up mostly in Utah and I recently just moved to Tennessee. I’ve been in the beauty industry as a model since I was in high school but I’ve been a licensed hair stylist for 5 years. I’m a vivid colorist and I love anything that’s outside the “norm.” I’m passionate about creating, continuing to learn whenever I can, and teaching others. You can ask me just about anything because I’m an open book.”

Georgia Tournai, @gstunnah

Hairstylist Georgia Tournai

“Hi there! I’ve been a barber/hairstylist in the industry for 10 years and specialize in clipper cuts and color, with special emphasis in serving the queer community. It’s my mission to show whoever you are and however you identify, you can be comfortable in your own skin. It doesn’t matter how we define ourselves, just as long as we are ourselves!”

Gabriel Urbina, @artistry_by_gabriel

Hairstylist Gabriel Urbina

“Currently living in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I finished cosmetology school in 2014 and have been doing hair for about 8 years. My passion is creating art to make someone’s day brighter.”

Be sure to follow @matrix on Instagram as well as each winner’s Instagram account to stay updated on their journey!

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