These Hair Colors Will Be Huge This Spring, According to Wella Brand Ambassadors


Now that the official start of spring is just days away, a seasonal hair color switch up is more than likely on a lot of your clients’ minds. With how often the hair color trends seem to change, it can be hard to advise on a new hue that’s sure to impress them. That’s why we turned to Wella Professionals Brand Ambassador Briana Cisneros and Dereq Clark to not only get their take on the spring hair colors that are set to rule the season, but also how you can achieve them using Wella’s Shinefinity.

This long-lasting, zero-lift color glaze is pretty much a must-have for any stylist hoping to create gorgeous vibrant tones for their clients this spring, while also ensuring that their hair is healthy and shiny. “No matter what, healthy hair is the goal!” says Cisneros. “Shiny beautiful locks will always be youthful, style the easiest, and be the most attention-grabbing which is why I really think Shinefinity is going to be one of the hero products used amongst professionals.”

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, keep scrolling for five spring-appropriate hair colors to consider trying at your next salon appointment.

Bubblegum Pink

According to Cisneros, pink hair will be having a huge moment this spring. “It’s such a fun change and a safer one at that because as your pink fades, it leaves a beautiful balanced tone to your blonde,” she says. To see how to recreate a similar pink hair look for your clients using Shinefinity, click here

Soft Baby Blue

Another bold color expected to take over this season is baby blue. “It can be such a statement while maintaining a soft approachable feel,” says Cisneros.

Orange Burst

As the weather continues to warm up, Clark says we can expect to see shades of orange become very popular. Considering that this color  is pretty much the spring version of the copper hair color that was everywhere last year, we’re not surprised at all. If you want to copy this look, he suggests using equal parts of Shinefinity shades 5/43 and 7/34. 

Vanilla Blonde

This spring’s take on blonde is super bright and heavy on the warmer tones. “The reason so many of us are loving the vanilla creamy blondes and are welcoming some other warmer gold tones into our lives is because for so long blondes just couldn’t be icy enough and it really is making a huge shift to the other end of the spectrum,” says Cisneros.

Caramel Latte

If you’re a fan of iced caramel lattes, you’re going to love this gorgeous caramel balayage that mixes warm and cool tones. To recreate this look, Clark recommends using equal parts of Shinefinity shades 6/73 and 9/73.

Are you a fan of any of these spring hair colors? Let us know in the comments below!

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