This St. Patrick’s Day-Inspired Nail Art Tutorial Proves That Green is the New Black


With St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon, your clients are likely on the hunt for some fun and festive nail ideas. Incorporating one of the hottest nail trends of the moment, such as a cool, crystal agate-inspired nail design, is always a solid option. This green marble nail art look will have them feeling extra lucky (and stylish) at their upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Whether you pair this elegant nail design with white, black, or nude nails, its subtle beauty will surely elevate its style. Plus, you can totally change up the shade of green to suit your clients’ needs this spring.

Below, keep reading for a step-by-step of how to achieve this dreamy green agate manicure.

Get the Look:

Step 1: Start with a white base of gel polish on the nail.

Step 2: Place lines of white, black and green gel polish on a palette.

Step 3: Run a liner brush through the lines of gel to marbleize the colors.

Step 4: Apply blooming gel to the entire nail.

Step 5: Use an ombré brush to scoop up the gel color design.

Step 6: Gently wiggle the brush at an angle, across the nail to transfer the design.

Step 7: Continue to add lighter strokes around the center design. Allow the colors to bloom and soften.

Step 8: When desired look is achieved, cure the design.

Step 9: Press foil flakes where desired throughout the design.

Step 10: Encase the design with a gel top coat and cure.

Final look:

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Watch this nail art video by UK-based nail expert Alexandra Lepadatu or download the step-by-step workbook on

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