UNITE x The Tease Runway Ready Giveaway Winner Gina Lynch on Working Backstage at Her First New York Fashion Week


For many hairstylists, working backstage at New York Fashion Week is the ultimate dream. That’s why we were super excited to team up with our friends over at UNITE Hair on an amazing giveaway that would grant one lucky hairstylist the chance to work backstage at fashion week, alongside the UNITE Runway Ready Team. 

If you’re curious about who walked away with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we’re thrilled to announce that Nashville-based hairstylist Gina Lynch was crowned the winner of the giveaway, back in November. As part of her prize, not only did she receive a guaranteed spot working backstage with the UNITE team during fashion week, but she also received a ticket to UNITE’s two-day Runway Ready bootcamp to prepare her for the entire experience. While there, Lynch was able to learn from UNITE’s very own Creative Director Gary Baker about all the knowledge and techniques needed to style all types of hair, in even the most high pressure of situations. 

While covering New York Fashion Week, The Tease team had the pleasure of catching up with Lynch backstage at the Art Hearts Runway Show. We talked about everything—from her experience attending UNITE’s Runway Ready bootcamp to the challenges of working backstage at fashion week and her plans for the future. Keep scrolling for all of her insights.

The Tease: What did it mean to you to win our giveaway with UNITE and have the opportunity to work backstage at New York Fashion Week?

Gina Lynch: Oh it’s been amazing. I mean, it’s a huge opportunity and it’s something that is totally different from being behind the chair in a salon. So it’s really cool and I’m having a great time. 

Can you share a little bit about what it was like to attend UNITE’s Runway Ready program? 

Lynch: It was intense, but in the best possible way. We had a great time and everybody really became a team, which was awesome. 

UNITE x The Tease Giveaway Winner Gina Lynch works on styling a mannequin head with another stylist, while Creative Director Gary Baker looks on. Image Courtesy of UNITE

What would you say was your biggest takeaway from attending the program?

Lynch: I would say the biggest takeaway from the bootcamp is to forget what you know because you’re going to learn everything the right way—the Gary Baker way.

How has it been working alongside UNITE’s Runway Team backstage at fashion week?

Lynch: Oh, it’s been great! I mean, it’s beautiful chaos and a lot of fun and everyone’s really vibing with each other. 

What would you say has been the most challenging aspect about working backstage at fashion week?

Lynch: I think the most challenging part of this is that there’s so many different looks that a lot of people are really good at and that for some people, it may not be their strong suit. So it’s challenging to figure out who can do what, and then find your team, and work together. 

Gina Lynch finishes styling an updo on a model while backstage at the Art Hearts Runway Show. Image courtesy of Camille Nzengung

What would you say has been your favorite part of this entire experience working at fashion week?

Lynch: I would say being able to come together with so many different people from different countries, cultures, and walks of life. It has been a really beautiful experience. 

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to work backstage at fashion week, what would you say to any stylists who are interested in doing the same thing?

Lynch: I would say 100% do it! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, maybe more if you’re lucky enough to be able to come back. Just do it and have the experience, the excitement, and just the raw chaos of it. It’s great and you should absolutely do it if you have the chance. 

Lastly, could you share what’s next for you? What are you looking forward to?

Lynch: I’m definitely going to come back, for sure. But I hope to just really take these skills and experiences and bring them back to the salon with me. Not that I’m going to be doing avant-garde hair at my salon, but just taking the new knowledge that I have and using it in everyday life.

If you’re interested in attending UNITE’s Runway Ready bootcamp just like Gina, be sure to visit https://unitehairpro.com/pages/unitetv-fashionweek to learn more and sign up for a class. 

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