Upgrade Your Skincare Routine (Sustainably) with RevitaleyeZ 4in1 Facial Wipes



The latest villains in our sustainable-skincare lineup are the numerous cotton pads, cue-tips, and other single-use paper products. But thankfully, headlines such as  9 Reusable Alternatives to Your Beloved Single-Use Makeup Wipes and  Why A  Cotton-Free Skincare Routine Is Step No.1 To Saving The Planet are shining a renewed light on how even the littlest things we do every day can make a big difference. 

According to a 2020 article, up to “20 million pounds of single-use wipes (including baby wipes and disinfecting wipes) are disposed of every day in the U.S. Many wipes are disposed of in landfills, and despite claims to the contrary, most are not biodegradable and do not rapidly break down, creating too much trash to fit in our landfills.”

In comes Eyeitude — a product line born from Trica Morris’ obsession with finding products that use clinical level ingredients mixed with the correct amount of “good” botanicals and synthetics, not to mention balanced pH levels, absorbability, and safety. Better yet, the products and packaging are good for the environment and actually biodegradable. This is especially important when it comes to products that are part of a daily or twice-daily routine. 

That’s why we’ve included the RevitaleyeZ 4in1 Facial Wipes in the December Hello Salon Pro box. Not only are they a wonderful option for those looking for green solutions to skincare, but also a great first step in your morning routine to cleanse, moisturize, rejuvenate and protect your skin.

No more scrubbing or scraping needed. These gentle, earth-friendly wipes work on the most sensitive areas, like the skin around your eyes, to lift make-up and oil with ease. They’re also durable, making them perfect for removing a full beat, sunscreen, and everything in between.

Four skincare benefits, one biodegradable product. Your skin, and mother earth, will thank you. To try the RevitaleyeZ 4in1 Facial Wipes and join us in saying ‘boy, bye’ to 2020, order your December Hello Salon Pro Evil Eye Good Bye box (over $100 value for just $24,99) while supplies last!

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