Vanessa Rene’s LA Freelancers Relief Fund Supports Artists Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

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With the spread of COVID-19 and social distancing, freelance workers, including salon professionals, have been met with major job uncertainty across the country. One woman trying to minimize the struggle is Andis social media ambassador, celebrity men’s groomer and makeup artist, Vanessa Rene.

Earlier this week, Rene announced the launch of the Los Angeles Freelancers Relief Fund, which provides emergency funding for “those in the industries that have been affected the most: music, film, beauty, hair and creative. The freelancers we all have depended on the most and that Los Angeles thrives on.”

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*LOS ANGELES FREELANCERS RELIEF FUND!* To donate: Link in bio And if you can’t donate, please share! Due to the COV-19 pandemic health crisis freelancers and artists are being affected financially with no where to turn because they aren't under corporate protection. Our hopes are to help artists and freelancers who are in dire/emergency situations due to the complete shut down of multiple industries. With the loss of income and economic stability already being shattered by this global crisis, freelancers and artists in Los Angeles have been deeply effected. Music venues, film productions, and creative platforms have come to an almost complete halt. And with that comes uncertainty of how those impacted will care for themselves. Our goal is to support Los Angeles freelancers and artists with emergency financial support, childcare financial support, as well as resources for those whom have been impacted directly by the COV-19 crisis. In addition: With the Los Angeles Unified School District being closed for the next two weeks (potentially longer) and low income industry professionals not being able to afford childcare while going to work we hope to provide support and solidarity to our working mothers and fathers out there who are doing their best to take care of their families. This is not a short term plan and we hope to provide funding and resources to freelancers and artists in Los Angeles for as long as needed and donations are provided. To apply please fill out this form: https://forms.app/lafreelancersrelief/Form

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The main focus for LAFRF is to help freelancers who cannot afford groceries or medication for themselves, their children, families and pets.

“I am doing my best to contribute and give support to those who are struggling to have their basic human needs met during this time. As of now, until the funds are released next week, I have been paying for donations to individuals out of pocket. It’s the least I can do. I feel as though we are stronger together [and] I want to lead by example in this,” Rene shared.

This cause is so important because “our community is so beautiful—the way we have come together to support one another, even before this pandemic happened. You could always message a colleague and let them know you were needing work, and they would be quick to refer you when they could. That’s what our community is about: helping each other reach our goals and dreams.”

In such a chaotic time for the Los Angeles freelancer community, it’s people like Rene who have the power to change things for the better.

Visit gofundme.com/LAFRF to make a donation, and click here if you are a freelance worker in need of emergency support.