Wahl Professional’s Global Future Makers Campaign Returns For the Second Year


Wahl Professional’s inspiring Future Makers campaign is back for another year! The professional and home grooming brand recently announced the arrival of the second installment of its global campaign, which showcases this year’s group of selected barbers as well as the trending styles for 2024.

Wahl first unveiled its inaugural group of Future Makers in April of last year, and now, with Volume 2, the brand aims to continue its mission of honoring barbers and stylists around the world and the pivotal role they play in influencing the industry as well as the next generation.

“Our mission for Volume 2 was clear: to elevate the art of barbering to new heights and showcase the boundless talent at Wahl that spans the globe,” Wahl shared in a statement via email. “With 11 educators from eight countries, our collaboration was a symphony of creativity and skill, resulting in a dynamic collection that celebrates the diversity of talent worldwide. Each educator brought a unique touch to our photo shoot, exceeding all expectations and setting a new standard of excellence. Their passion and dedication not only as educators but as individuals, shone through in every detail, pushing the boundaries of their craft and inspiring us all to reach for greatness.”

Some trending looks from the “designer” category that were created by the Wahl Professional Future Makers. Image courtesy of Wahl Professional.

The brand continues adding, “These remarkable individuals took their responsibility seriously, understanding the great impact they have on the lives of those they touch. They are not just barbers; they are beacons of inspiration, dedicated to setting the highest standard and pushing the boundaries of their craft. In a world where mediocrity is commonplace, it is the Future Makers who rise above, leaving a deep-rooted mark on the industry they love.”

Made up of 11 of the world’s top barbers from 8 different countries, this year’s group of Future Makers are Fernando Ibañez (Argentina), Sarah Wall (Australia), John Carmona (USA), Kevin Nguyen (USA), Nieves Almaraz (USA), Dean Gleeson (UK), Yuki Kano (Australia), Kervin Hiew (Malaysia), Anthony Galifot (France), Enes Dogan (Germany), and Winfried “Prince” Karkari (Germany). All of the 2024 Future Makers joined together to dream up and create the must-know styles for 2024 to hopefully inspire other barbers and stylists around the world to push the boundaries of their craft by learning these looks and make their own mark on the industry. 

Future Maker Dean Gleeson styles a tapered look on a model. Image courtesy of Wahl Professional.

For Future Maker Dean Gleeson, being part of this year’s group is especially meaningful. 

“To say being chosen as a Future Maker was a career highlight, would be a massive injustice, as to me it was so much more,” says Gleeson.  “Future Makers gave me a purpose that I had been trying to discover in the hair industry for years. The focus shifted from “look at me” to “look at this,” and it allowed me to bring value to something that would not only be an amazing experience, but could go on to inspire a whole industry, to realize, your future is possible, you just need to have courage to make it.”

To learn more about the Future Makers campaign, how to recreate the trending  looks, and how to register for upcoming classes, be sure to visit https://www.wahlpro.com/future-makers. And for all things Wahl, make sure to follow @wahlpro on Instagram.

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