We Wanted More From The Hair Industry. So, We Made ikoo.



It all started at a café in Munich with a woman brushing her hair. Normally, doing this sort of beauty maintenance in public isn’t something that’s super common in Germany. However, it made us think, “Why should we apologize for our hair care?” We wanted to disrupt beauty etiquette with a fashionable, new experience –– and our answer was ikoo.

At the time, we both had backgrounds in making things beautiful. Katrin was co-directing a high-class, luxury aviation supplier and Christopher worked for Porsche in New York City. With our experience, there was no question that innovation and high-performing design would be a huge part of our brand. However, the longer we spent developing ikoo, the more we realized this brand was capable of being luxurious and ethical.

Going Above And Beyond


We first got ikoo off the ground after winning the incubator program for Neiman Marcus. Our products are still sold in-store to this day! Then, as we grew from tools to products, we introduced our “freelosophy.”

This was our way of explaining ikoo’s dedication to clean, safe and innovative products. We used natural ingredients as a base and developed formulas that did no harm to humans, animals or insects. From our Thermal Treatment Wraps to our Deep Caring Hair Masks, we skipped parabens, paraffins and sulfates, plus made sure we were PETA-approved.

Throughout every stage, we operated under the presumption that our customers deserved more. It started with better products, but grew into a full-fledged, values-based movement. We weren’t just talking about hair anymore. It was time to discuss bigger issues impacting our lives. Luckily, we knew just the girl to do it.

Meet Lola

Even though we believe hair is a personal and public reflection of our identity, we wanted to connect to our audience on an even deeper level. In steps Lola, our digital brand ambassador who debuted in 2017.

She became the face of ikoo, finding herself on every product package and all over our social channels. With the help of her squad, Lola wouldn’t just speak to customers, but stand for them as well.

From body positivity to diversity and voter rights, we put it all on the table to discuss with beauty professionals. And our audience loved it! In 2018, we were even recognized as an Indie Beauty Expo Best In Show Finalist and just this year, we were nominated for the Gründer des Jahres Award for Female Empowerment.

Thanks to Lola, we’ve been able to make our values shine and welcome stylists into a community where we care more about the size of their self-worth than the size of their dress. Also, while our female-first philosophy was still all about helping women feel beautiful, we also made sure to represent every shape, size and hairstyle.

Bringing ikoo To The States


Since that day in Munich, we’ve watched ourselves grow with ikoo! In 2020, we’ve expanded the brand further across the globe, and Katrin was even nominated for the Female Entrepreneur of the Year.

Now, we’re so excited to finally launch in the U.S. and connect with the American salon professional community. We’ve seen you from across the way and know you’re vibrant, passionate and all about making a statement. We believe you, just like everyone in the ikoo family, deserve more from your products and, sometimes, yourself.

Therefore, when it comes to the brands you love, ask yourself: What do they stand for?

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