What’s in your Bag: Q&A With Julianne Hough

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At Joico’s Defy Damage launch at Nine Zero One Salon, we sat down with Julianne Hough to ask: what’s in your bag!

At Joico’s Defy Damage launch at Nine Zero One Salon, we sat down with Julianne Hough to ask: what’s in your bag!

What’s in your makeup bag?

            There is this Koh Gen Do highlight, like cream -it’s in the pump, it’s amazing. And, that to me, I feel like is so great because you put a little mascara on, you can put a little bit up here around your eyes, on your nose, on your lips, and it’s kind of just a subtle, highlight that again accentuates your features. I’m not adding a lot of foundation, I’m just accentuating what’s already there.

Drugstore favorite?

            My go-to mascara has always been voluminous, and I still use it to this day. I’ve been using it as long as I can remember- and I usually do brown/black, because being blonde, having light eyes – sometimes I feel like the black is too harsh. So the brown/black gives me – it’s still intense, but it’s not as overwhelming.

Favorite experiential makeup looks through the years?

            I mean, I love makeup, so that’s what’s awesome about my job is that, if I’m not working, I usually go more J.H., au naturale, but then when I am, judging AGT or Red Carpets, I am definitely one that likes to have fun, and take risks, and not necessarily do the norm. So, I would say my go-to red carpet or judging look, I think because my eyes are blue, that’s sort of my feature – I don’t have big lips or something like that that’s my feature. I think my eyes are my feature, so I usually do something smoky – I love almost like a coppery, burnt – almost like a burnt red/orange color [be]cause that really makes my eyes pop.

In your off time, how do you style your hair?

            I’m a big “air dry” person. So I’ll just air dry it and I think right now I have bangs that are growing out so they’re kind of shaggy and cool. Almost like the dirtier, the better for me, and I’ll have it down for a little bit, have it in a low pony, messy, and then when it gets really greasy, I just slick it back and it’s perfect. Three hair styles in one week, and you don’t have to wash it (hahaha).

Go to hair products while traveling?

             I use my Joico Defy Damage Protective Shield, [be]cause you know I air dry my hair a lot, or if I’m blow-drying it, and I’m working with people that I don’t usually work with. I just want to make sure I’m feeling protected, and that I have my certain needs that I need for me, met; that I’m not necessarily relying on other people who are doing or styling my hair, to protect it for me.