When Was The Last Time You Volunteered At A Beauty School?


Beauty school is a hot topic in the industry. It is often seen as outdated in its teachings and only useful to get your license, but your real learning starts when you get into the industry. 

While many talk about how bad beauty schools are and how much they need to change, very few people do anything to help instigate change. How many cosmetologists that you know have volunteered at their local beauty school to mentor and create a positive impact on the next generation of beauty professionals?  It’s easy to point out the issues but not as easy to make a plan of action.

While beauty schools will always have quite some way to go to stay up to date, someone who has consistently been working to improve beauty schools is Winn Claybaugh. Winn is the founder, co-owner, and dean of Paul Mitchell Advanced Education, a franchisor of more than 100 cosmetology and/or barbering schools throughout the United States. 

When Winn was looking to staff his salon, he realized the students coming out of school were not up to his standards and decided that he could step up and help mold cosmetologists before they got into the field. He worked to create the Paul Mitchell Schools and has been a huge proponent in all the work they have done since. 

Winn joined Volume Up to discuss his journey in the industry and how he got involved in beauty schools. He talks about the importance of mentorship and why beauty pros should work to get involved in their local schools to improve the talent that may be hidden there. 

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“Then my question is, when was the last time that you volunteered in a beauty school?”

“Hairdressers make things happen and I just wanted to share that because everybody thinks that we don’t have power, that we don’t have influence. And I would say that the hairdressing community, in most communities, is the most powerful resource available to get the job done, to create awareness and to raise funds.”

 “I can guarantee you that even in the worst beauty school, there is talent. There is some young kid in there, who he or she, they have potential. They have passion. They have drive and they’re looking for that mentor, so why not be that person for them?”

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