Why ‘A Curl Can Dream’? Why did a product range like this one need to be created?



44% of all hair care consumers have curl types three and four.

That means almost half of all hair care product purchases are made by someone with textured hair. If this is true, there should be more curl-friendly products on the market today. But the sobering truth is, there aren’t. 

We sat down with Michelle O’Connor, lead designer of the Matrix A Curl Can Dream Pattern Preserving System, to dig deeper into the why of the brand and of the beauty industry altogether.

Why aren’t there more complete curl ranges? Why did a product range like A Curl Can Dream need to be created?

There’s this long-standing idea that straightening or relaxing your curls and coils is the answer to convenience or acceptance, and even more than that – accessibility. The consensus from curly-haired people and hair stylists alike was that textured hair was more difficult to treat, style and care for as opposed to finer textures. So, to get coily hair to “behave” and be easier to maintain, it needed to be treated with heat or with chemicals. And for a while, people bought into that idea completely.

So, what does this mean for the health and preservation of the curls?

Very little. When there are an overwhelming amount of products on the market that support heat styling over curl preservation and relaxation over revitalization, curl damage becomes inevitable. 

Matrix sought to reverse this ideology by becoming part of the solution. And they did.


Matrix’s A Curl Can Dream Pattern Preserving System was in production for 3 years before it hit the market. They brought in a diverse group of education experts and developers. They formulated and re-formulated until they got it right. They ran the data.

“When we say we want to be diverse and inclusive, we really mean that. We don’t want to just dabble, we want to be immersed. And that’s why we’ve resourced the people who know what they’re talking about.” –Michelle O’Connor

A Curl Can Dream is all about the freedom of choice.

For so long, curly guys and gals have had to choose between feasibility and hair integrity. Not anymore. 

Matrix A Curl Can Dream is a full care-to-style product range that preserves the integrity of every bend. So whether you’re looking to create the perfect twist out or rejuvenate your kinks and coils after rocking a blow-out, A Curl Can Dream has a product for that!

As if that wasn’t enough, Michelle and the Matrix team also developed Curl Lights – a curl-targeted lightening system that lifts and protects.

The Curl Lights system is so important because, prior to this system and others like it, lifting and coloring textured hair was virtually out of the question. Mixing the chemicals found in relaxers and the chemicals in lightening treatments could cause extreme damage to the curl pattern. So most people had to choose – tamed or toned. But now, with Curl Lights, you can do both.

With Matrix, you can have it all. 

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