Why @ManesByMell Belongs In Your Feed

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You can’t help but smile watching Mell Guido (@ManesByMell on YouTube and Instagram). Her animated personality shines through in any videos or photo, making her a serious joy to watch. All the while, she’s sharing invaluable hair education for curly & wavy hair types.

Not to mention, her curls are always poppin’.

Take It From A Pro

To her credit, Mell isn’t just another beauty influencer who claims to know the biz. In fact, she’s a working hairstylist that started her channel to share “natural hair tips, to follow the beginning of [her] career in the beauty industry [and] the launch of [her] ‘big hair’ portfolio.” That’s right, hair has always come first for this bubbly and talented creative.

Her #TextureTuesdays have become a celebrated event for her nearly 400,000 YouTube subscribers and over 161,000 Instagram followers. Each week, Mell serves some serious hair education, from cutting on curly hair types to the effects of ingredients and water quality on texture and hair health.

Although her content focuses primarily on curly hair types like hers and her “seester’s,” don’t be fooled. This amazing stylist has also mastered cut, color and styling on just about every hair type.

You Get Me

As if her pure knowledge wasn’t enough of a reason to watch, tuning into Mell’s videos is just like sitting in the chair or catching up in the salon with an old friend –– one that’s got an especially great sense of humor and enthusiasm.

Plus, despite being an absolute beam of positivity, Mell’s not afraid to get real about life outside of the salon and the struggles of growing in her career. While so many beauty professionals choose this industry because of its creativity and freedom, 2020 has definitely put on the pressure and stress. It’s refreshing to see Mell come to the table with grace and honestly around such relevant topics.

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HAPPY FIRST *OFFICIAL* DAY OF SUMMER!⁣????????? ⁣ As the seasons change, so do our hair care routines, styling preferences, and hair needs. And of COURSE, we have a series of YouTube videos to help you with ALL of it!⁣ ⁣ This week’s video was an overview of my TOP 10 MOST ESSENTIAL SUMMER HAIRCARE TIPS (this iconic protective style included?) to help keep you on track of your Healthy Hair Journey this season, and we have lots more coming! In fact, this week you can expect TWO new videos on the channel following up on your countless requests for more hairstyles and summer routines! They are on the WAY and so much more!⁣ ⁣ We’re always listening to your requests, especially since we’re still in quarantine we are trying to make the best videos possible (given the current climate) so we can continue to educate and also keep you entertained ? ⁣ If you are already subscribed to the Manes by Mell YouTube channel, you may have already seen our most recent Community post asking a poll of which video you’re looking forward to seeing next. Right now the votes are VERY close choosing between 3 of the topics, so if you haven’t voted yet make sure you do to ensure you get the video you need ASAP! As the votes pour in, we’re planning our content ahead so make sure you let us know what you want to see most! ⁣ ⁣ As for now, this weekend we’ll be enjoying this sunny weather WELL PROTECTED with SPF and celebrating the man who gave us our curls! Happy Father’s Day in advance to any dads that see this! Also to those dads, if you need men’s styling videos you HAVE TO GO VOTE IN THE POLL IN THE COMMUNITY TAB ON MY CHANNEL! The link is in my stories!! ⁣ Any fancy plans this weekend? Tell me below!???

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Mell Makes Screen Time Worth Your Time

Obviously our screen time has gotten a serious boost during quarantine. So if you, like me, are trying to find more feel-good content and creators to follow, Mell is –– without a doubt –– one to subscribe to.

Her quirky personality and knowledgeable videos don’t just help hairstylists improve their skills, they inspire us to be fully authentic in who we are. Plus, whenever we have an off day, we can simply tune in, wear a smile and remember her motto: #thebiggerthehairthehardertheystare.

Darby Hoffman
Darby Hoffman
Darby Hoffman is a creative and branded content writer based in Chicago, IL. She specializes in topics related to sustainability, beauty technology, and consumer health & safety.