Why The Cosmetology Licensure Compact Matters To You


A doctor can move states and doesn’t have to worry about going back to get their doctorate in their new home. 

Anyone with a driver’s license can drive their two-ton car through any state they want without having to show specific proof of what was required to get their driver’s license. 

So why is it that cosmetologists have to spend upwards of 500 hours on recertification to work in a new state? How does that make sense? 

Even if a stylist lives on a state line, they can only work in the state where they acquired their license, even if a salon in the other state is closer to their home, pays more and is more conducive to their lifestyle.  Anyone whose family is a part of the military, where they get restationed ever so often. Every time their family gets restationed, they have to get recertified costing time and money, only to then move a few years later. 

These are just a few small examples of the lives that are being affected by the division of licenses in the beauty industry. While licensing has been a hard topic for the beauty industry, some companies are working to push the industry forward. 

The Professional Beauty Association and Future of The Beauty Industry Coalition are working together to put into place The Cosmetology Licensure Compact. What is the compact and why does this matter to you, you ask? Leslie Roste joins Volume Up to answer those questions, along with how you can get involved to help. 

Let’s unite together and keep the industry moving forward. Head to wherever you stream your podcasts to learn all about this important piece of legislation.

“If you have a license in a member state, you would be able to go and work in another member state and never tell them you’re there. You just show up, and start cutting hair. Do whatever you do, whatever your practice is, because the concept is, if you’re safe enough in one state, just like driving, you’re arguably safe enough in another state, right?”

“Your story makes a difference, right? Like I can get the bill going. I can get the movement. I can take all responsibility for it, but when you show up and say to me, ‘Look, I’m a military spouse and every time I move I have to consider whether I’m gonna work or not’. That’s impactful to the people.”

“Maybe by this time next year, we can talk about people who are getting their multi-state licenses and how it’s working.”

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