You Need To Switch Deodorants Like … Yesterday


Something smells off … It’s that long-time, “trusted” deodorant you’ve used for years.

The natural deodorant movement has been gaining traction, but there’s a hold up. People don’t want to stray from what they know. However, #DYK those ingredients, that packaging and those company ethics are doing way more harm than good?

Plus, with the amount of game-changing [deodorant] brands offering products that are better quality and more focused on solving for pollution, health and waste, there’s no reason *not* to make the switch.

Check out our round-up of the 10 deodorant brands that are making a statement in the industry and suiting the needs of every beauty fanatic out there.

If You’re Looking for … Something Super Reliable:


A classic amongst alternative deodorant seekers, Native is big on being everything traditional deodorant brands aren’t. The trusted formula uses natural oils, butters, probiotics and other plant-based ingredients to keep odor at bay.

Plus, the vegan and cruelty-free recipe is made without aluminum, a potentially unsafe ingredient often used in antiperspirants. With countless scents and even a collection specifically for sensitive skin, this is a great place to start for anyone new to the deo scene.

Each & Every

Each & Every is a gender-inclusive range of natural deodorants that wins with over 2,000 customers that have given it 5-star status. Made for “Each & Every One” of us, this deodorant has received rave reviews in allure, The Cut, GQ, InStyle, Health Magazine and People Magazine.

Plus, the product is made with no aluminum, parabens, synthetic fragrances or baking soda. As a  result, it holds the ultimate clean-beauty seal of approval: “EWG Verified.” Grab one of these delicious scents –– from Citrus & Vetiver to Cedar & Vanilla –– and have zero worries about your health (or your smell).

If You’re Looking For … Sustainable Packaging:


When I first came across Noniko, my first thought was, “Ooh. Shiny.” Obviously, plastic use is a serious problem for our planet. So, it’s no surprise that packaging has become a huge pain point for customers and focus for brands. However, in my research on sustainable packaging, Noniko was the first deodorant brand I saw to go with stainless steel.

The reusable, sleek packaging is meant for the beauty fanatics who want to do better for themselves and the planet without sacrificing luxury. Just as beautiful on your vanity as it is under your arms, this deodorant features a refillable design that uses a single stainless steel package. With three decadent scents to choose from, posh shoppers should look into a subscription.

Habitat Botanicals

The bright and bubbly packaging that comes with the Habitat Botanicals label is cute and environmentally friendly. Made of recycled paper, this deodorant’s tube is fully biodegradable and compostable. Plus, the formula is just as good for the environment, with a recipe that protects local rivers, lakes and oceans. 

For the green thumbs in the audience, this product can go straight to your compost bucket. Plus, the formula is vegan and food-grade natural, more reason to feel good about going natural. Whether you want to make a one-time purchase or go with one of their deodorant bundles, there’s no losing with this eco-minded option.

If You’re Looking for … Super Clean Ingredients:


We’ve hyped byHumankind a few times on The Tease, but this brand deserves repeating. The food-grade formula of byHumankind’s deodorant has no harmful chemicals and, instead, features natural ingredients like squalene, jojoba oil, castor oil and azelaic acid. It’s also free of aluminum or parabens, but is still able to preserve antiperspirant-like qualities (i.e. keeping you dry in addition to odor-free).

Housed in a reusable, plastic case, this deodorant is another refillable option to limit waste. Customize yours with a preferred scent and case design. Then, feel great knowing the brand offsets its carbon footprint by investing in forest preservation. Win-win.


A favorite in the clean beauty community, Nécessaire got its start in creating body care and sex care products. However, it recently extended its mission of “[making] a true difference in your wellbeing and [supporting] your health” with an equally luxurious deodorant, perfect for sensitive skin types.

Ingredients such as aluminum, baking soda and synthetic fragrance are often irritants for those of us with sensitive skin. You may not have even realized that the itchiness, bumps or redness under your arms could be fixed. However, Nécessaire provides a solution that’s as chic and it is clean.

If You’re Looking for … A Mission You Can Get Behind:


Hiki is here to support us in more ways than controlling body sweat. Its products are refreshingly body-positive and honest about not just our underarms, but boob sweat, back sweat and even thigh chafing. Vegan and cruelty-free formulas for “every body” create effective, feel-good solutions to body sweat.

Plus, to combat the negative self image and self confidence that can come from the not-so-glamorous aspects of personal care, Hiki partners with Sad Girls Club and Sad Boys Club to foster community and conversation on mental health with millennials and Gen Z.


If you’ve caught Alleyoop on Instagram, you know them for their multifunctional beauty products designed to bring “self-care back down to earth.” The Slow Your Roll deodorant is only one option this brand has developed to save time and help you focus on the more important things in life.

Made with all-natural ingredients, this deodorant comes in three scents –– pomegranate, sage and unscented. The formula is a unique blend of essential oils and is teeny tiny enough to go anywhere you do. Throw this stick in your purse or backpack and trust you’ve got long-lasting odor protection on hand. Plus, the formula actually slows hair growth (whaaaat) to save you time in-between shaves as well.

If You’re Looking for … Something New & Unheard of:


As a Kosas fan girl, I about died when they announced their AHA Serum Deodorant. Kosas is known for its innovative, science-based formulas, and this exfoliating serum deodorant –– yes, you read that right –– is no exception.

Before this product, I’d never considered exfoliating my underarms beyond scrubbing in the shower. However, the AHA ingredients gently remove dead skin and build up to brighten and soothe skin, as well as prevent in-grown hairs. Applying this product feels like a badass science experiment everytime and is perfect for the tail end of summer.


Finally, if you thought you’d seen everything, you haven’t seen nuud. This Netherlands-based brand calls itself an “anti-odorant,” and for good reasons: it’s a totally different experience from traditional products. 

This vegan, clean formula comes in a squeezable tube. To apply, put a pea-sized dollop onto your finger and spread evenly onto your underarms. Then, the nuud website states most people can go without reapplying for up to 3 days. Seriously! This product is unlike anything I’ve ever come across, and I’m so interested to see if other “anti-odorants” pop up in the future.

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