You’ll Soon Be Able to Shop pH Plex Products at Walmart


We’ve got some good news for fans of pH Plex: their game-changing hair treatment will soon be headed to a Walmart store near you!

As of this March, you’ll be able to shop the pH Plex’s three step system at over 2,500 Walmart locations nationwide. This recent move from the brand is definitely one to get excited about  considering that this will be “the first time that a hair-specific plex product will be sold at the retail giant”, according to their press release.  

“We are so excited and thrilled to partner with a world-renowned store such as Walmart,” said Dr. Andreas Flohr, creator of pH Plex, in a statement. “We cannot wait to bring this innovative plex product to the masses that not only helps nourish your hair but also seals and protects.”

For anyone not familiar with pH Plex, this high-performing vegan hair treatment—which is the first professional grade for both salon and home user — works with the pH of your hair to repair breakage and protect your strands. Suitable for both color-treated and non-colored hair, this plex product is the key to getting the healthy hair of your dreams, in just three easy steps. Step 1 is formulated to pH 9 (the same pH of hair color or bleach) and protects the hair from damage during the coloring and bleaching process without shifting the hair color’s tone or reducing the effectiveness of the bleach. Step 2 works to repair leftover damage and return the pH of the hair back to pH 5. Finally, Step 3 is designed to be a weekly application that fortifies and stabilizes the hair in-between color and bleach treatments.

“Our revolutionary pH Plex three-step system not only protects your hair and scalp while coloring or bleaching, it can also react with and repair all broken amino acid bonds,” says Dr. Flohr. “Our worldwide patented pH Plex, for the first time, provides home users with salon quality protection and repair benefits during their hair color or bleach, previously only available in salons. pH Plex, ingredients are sourced from the leading Global Manufacturers and only the highest purity grades are used for best-in-class performance at an affordable cost. pH Plex is proven to not react with hair color or bleach.”

The best part? Each pH Plex product rings in at $4.95 per each single application sachet, so you can easily stock up on them during your next Walmart run without worrying about going over your budget. Be sure to spot the brand when it hits stores next month in Walmart’s beauty aisles, located right by their at-home hair coloring section.

For more exciting announcements from pH Plex, be sure to follow the brand @phplex on Instagram.

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