10 Nail Sets to Inspire Your 4th of July Manicure

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With 4th of July right around the corner, you may be looking for fun ways to show your love for the holiday. Whether you’re wearing a red, white and blue ensemble, painting your face or adding the classic colors to your glam, there are many ways to celebrate.

But why not go with a fun nail set? You may not know where to start, but we’ve got you! Here are ten nail sets to inspire your 4th of July manicure.

Classic & Cute

Instagram user @themaniclub’s red, white and blue manicure is basically perfect. The mismatched set is cute, trendy and features everything you need for the holiday.

Geometric Gels

This gorgeous set from @the.galactic.mermaid is a fun and unique take on 4th of July nails. The use of negative space and geometric shapes is sure to impress!

Sparkling Sky

A more subtle nod to the holiday, Instagrammer @ricekittynails’ glittery, star-filled mani channels the fun fireworks that light up the sky.

Polka Dot Party

Another unique take on red, white and blue nails is this polka dot set from @notoxnails. The white base paired with tiny additions of red and blue is everything.

Funky French Tips

If you’re wanting something fun but not too extra for the holiday, look no further than @sugarcoatmidtown. Although only one color, this geometric design is a great option!

Stars & Stripes

Instagram user @bmb_nails’ mani is the perfect look for the 4th. The muted colors scream retro, and the mismatched designs are seriously impressive.

A Subtle Celebration

Another subtle option for the holiday is this nail moment from @riyahtaylor. The solid colors give the set a more poised look, but the shimmery accent nails really elevate it.

Perfectly Plaid

A more precise nail art moment, this plaid set is fun and trendy. Thanks to @polished_yogi, the manicure is detailed and perfectly executed. This one might be our fave!

An Artistic Accent

If you’re looking for something artistic and chic, this set from @nailsby.mckenna is perfect. The accented nail with wavy design is a fun way to add a little something extra to a basic manicure.

A Starry Set

Last but not least, this white and blue nail moment is everything. Thanks to Instagram user @acrylicsandgels, this design is all you need to show your love for the 4th. 

How are you doing your nails this 4th of July? Tag us on Instagram @readthetease!