3 Ways to Use Less Plastic in Your Beauty Routine

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There are so many small habits we can change in our everyday lives that make a big difference. Switch up your beauty routine with these products that are better for you and better for the earth!

Use a Lush Bath Bomb
Lush sells a variety of amazing bath bombs that are not packaged in plastic. Choose a bath bomb based on scent or mood and take home it in a recyclable bag. All of Lush’s packaging is reusable or recyclable. They even have a system where if you turn in five of your old Lush containers you can get a free face mask!

Make your own Natural Deodorant
Making your own deodorant saves money and plastic! Making your own deodorant at home avoids aluminum that’s in most drugstore deodorants. This recipe consists of baking soda, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, and essential oils! Put it in a glass jar and when you are done you can wash and reuse.


Buy Soap without the Box
Cut down on waste by purchasing soap that doesn’t come in a box. You can find soap like this at Whole Foods, Lush, or even your local farmer’s market. And for when you have a few random bits of soap left, throw them into this cute soap bag so that nothing goes to waste!