5 Buys For Your Best Summer Color


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We’re ready to help clients get back to their brightest blondes! But service doesn’t stop at the balayage. Now more than ever, customers need us to get through their lockdown locks. They saw our value during the quarantine and are asking for our help to maintain their looks between sessions.

By bumping up your retail, you can better support clients after their color service. Beyond the standard lineup, consider selling these five staples. A high-quality selection increases your profit, protects hair and leads to happier, more loyal clients! Here are our recs:


Revlon Professional Magnet™ Color Lock Repairing Shampoo

To start, check out this news flash: Not all shampoos are created equal. In fact, without the right cleanser, poor water quality can hit your clients hard after their color service. It’s easy to miss the minerals and metals that build up in our water. However, with Revlon Professional’s Magnet Color Lock Repairing Shampoo, you can preserve color and wash away pollution in just one use. Seal in vibrancy, strengthen the hair shaft and remove buildup at the sink.


Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day™ Dry Shampoo

After their first wash, a major client Q is: “How do I survive an un-wash day?” Remind them that preserving color means limiting washes! To deal with greasy hair days, stock a reliable dry shampoo like Living Proof’s Perfect hair Day™ Dry Shampoo. This luxurious spray is a holy grail for absorbing oil, sweat and odor. Plus, clean beauty enthusiasts will love the zero parabens, phthalates or sulfates in this product. Bonus: This formula is specifically made for safe use on chemically treated hair!


Revlon Professional Magnet™ Anti-Pollution Restoring Mask

Another must-have for color-treated hair is a rich mask to rehydrate lengths and ends. Encourage clients to cocoon their strands in a protective layer of Revlon Professional Magnet Anti-Pollution Restoring Mask. The perfect product for a mask and chill session, this formula repairs fiber damage and shields it from environmental dangers. So, soak in those good hair vibes and keep out metals and minerals. This deep cream nourishes and protects hair with moringa seed extract, keratin and panthenol.


Moroccanoil Treatment

Another hydration option for color-treated styles is the classic Moroccanoil Treatment. With rave reviews worldwide, this is a formula we always trust. Start with a few drops at the salon to add moisture and create a silky finish. Then, send a bottle home with clients to use on especially dry days. Whether its the Original or Light formula, these luxe, natural ingredients will deep condition and detangle hair like a dream.


Revlon Professional Magnet™ Anti-Pollution Daily Shield

Finally, protect client color from nasty free radicals with a spritz of the Revlon Professional Anti-Pollution Daily Shield. This product is a set-it-and-forget-it spray that preps hair to fight pollution overnight. Shield strands after an evening color service or have clients apply after they shower. Either method will protect hair from UV light damage and air pollution until the next wash –– plus, keep them free of frizz and second-day hair scent.

This month’s HelloSalonPro selection is full of luxurious ingredients and formulas. It’d be a shame to share them without getting a first-hand review. *Wink* Experience the latest and greatest in beauty with the “Beautiful Rebel” box, filled with five full-sized samples from Revlon Professional.

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