5 Crystal-Infused Hair Products to Add Some Good Vibes to Your Hair Routine


Whether you believe in the healing powers of crystals or not, there’s no denying these pretty little gems are having a moment. From Gwyneth Paltrow to Victoria Beckham and the Olsen twins, a number of our favorite celebs already swear by crystals for good luck, positive energy, health and happiness.

That’s why it’s no surprise that these mystical healers have now made their way to our beloved hair aisle. A growing number of haircare brands like Sexy Hair, Act + Acre, and Oribe have made a point to incorporate crystals like rose quartz, jade, sapphire, and amber into their product formulations, so you can inject a bit of wellness into your hair routine.

If you’re ready for a side of enlightenment with your haircare — ahead, find five crystal-infused hair products to start using now. 

Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair So Touchable Hairspray

If shiny, bouncy hair is what you’re after, you need to get your hands on Sexy Hair’s So Touchable hairspray. Infused with mimosa flower extract and moisture-adding moonstone extract, this spray provides a light hold.

Promising review from Ulta: Marie says, “I love this hairspray. I don’t normally use a lot of products, but this one is good for when I want my waves to stay all day. It makes my hair extra soft and shiny and never gets crunchy which is good. I also love the smell.”

Shop: Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair So Touchable Hairspray, $19.95

Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream

Restore damaged hair with this super moisturizing cream from Oribe that works as a leave-in conditioner to refresh even the driest of hair. This cream contains amber extract, a powerful antioxidant to help get the strong and healthy hair you are after.

Promising review from Oribe: Kristen says, “This conditioner is a godsend —rich, but light, silky, and smooth. My hair is fine and wavy, easily weighed down, but color-treated and in need of moisture. All boxes checked (and the bottle is gorgeous and looks fantastic in my shower!). “

Shop: Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream, $52.00

Act + Acre Scalp Gua Sha

The hair equivalent of a jade roller, this Act + Acre scalp gua shua —which has been individually hand-cut from natural jade stone— helps to stimulate and nourish your scalp and strands as well as boost your overall well-being. Simply massage some oil into your hair, “comb” your head, and get ready to reap all the scalp-friendly benefits.

Promising review from Act + Acre: Annika says, “I use this beautiful scalp Gua Sha every night as part of my wind down routine. I can hardly describe how soothing it is to the scalp, especially in the neck area. It is a purchase well worth it,and I couldn’t imagine ever being without it any more!”

Shop: Act + Acre Scalp Gua Sha, $40.00

Meraki Purifying Amethyst Shampoo

This purifying shampoo contains a unique blend of extracts like white willow bark, hibiscus, amla, ginseng, and yerba mate that work to clean and exfoliate the scalp, hydrate hair, thicken hair, and promote hair growth. Not to mention, inside each bottle is a beautiful Amethyst gemstone to “enhance your intuition and protect your energy field.”

Promising review from Meraki: Elle says, “I’m big on quality over quantity. This amethyst shampoo is more than imagined. It’s helping to control shrinkage issues I experience after cleansing my hair. I love that Meraki is vegan, their products smell great, and have the Amethyst crystal at the bottom.

Shop: Meraki Purifying Amethyst Shampoo, $25.00

AIIR Professional Sapphire Leave In Conditioner

Looking for a product that seemingly does it all? This leave-in conditioner from AIIR tames frizz and fly-aways, hydrates and detangles, and protects your hair from UV rays. Its color-safe formula is infused with sapphire to recharge your inner strength as well as balance your body and soul.

Promising review from AIIR: Brenda says, “ Absolutely love this shampoo for my hair! The smell is amazing. The sage makes my hair squeaky clean and the quinoa nourishes every strand. The sapphire recharges my inner strength.”

Shop: AIIR Professional Sapphire Leave In Conditioner, $30.00

Do you use any crystal-infused hair products? Share with us below!

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Camille Nzengung

Camille Nzengung is a Features Editor at The Tease, where she covers all things hair. You can find her writing about the best hair products, the coolest hair trends, and all the exciting new hair launches.


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