7 Clean Beauty Brands for Every Budget


With health and the environment in mind, beauty brands are innovating new products that are free from unsafe chemicals. By excluding potentially harmful ingredients, skincare and makeup lines are becoming cleaner and, arguably, more sustainable.

Finding high-quality products at an affordable price point used to be impossible. However, there are many beauty lines that work without breaking the bank. Here are the best Clean Beauty brands for every budget:



Vegan and cruelty-free brand Versed Beauty is “Clean Skincare for All.” Products range from moisturizers to oils, and almost everything is under $20. (They recently launched a “non-scary” retinol serum that’s just north of $21!)

With no artificial colors or fragrances, Versed holds themselves to the highest standards in the beauty industry. (Over 1,300 toxic and unsafe ingredients are banned from the line!) Discover Versed at Target and on the brand’s site.

Honest Beauty


Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty has everything you’re searching for in “clean beauty that works.” Although the brand was first met with controversy, the standards are bar none. The beauty products are cruelty, paraben, phthalate and talc-free.

Shop the line now on Amazon, at the Honest site or at Target, where all individual products are under $30.



Kopari Beauty uses coconut oil to hydrate the skin, help with aging and calm inflammation. Every item contains 100% pure organic coconut oil that is sustainably sourced from small farms in the Philippines. Plus, the line is free from sulfates, parabens and phthalates.

Discover Kopari Beauty products at Amazon and Nordstrom, where most items are under $40.



Ilia makeup is “skincare-powered,” and it is infused with serums and moisturizers. The non-GMO, gluten and talc-free line is clean even down to the packaging. Ilia uses recycled aluminum and recycled paper printed with vegetable-based dyes.

Purchase Ilia products at Sephora, on Amazon or the Ilia site for less than $54 each.



Skincare brand Weleda offers cruelty-free products for face, body, personal and baby care. Instead of using synthetic compounds and toxic chemicals in their products, Weleda uses flower extracts, minerals and essential oils. They also offer a recycling program for when you’re ready to restock!

Find the skincare line at Ulta, Target, on Amazon or the Weleda site, where all individual products are under $30.



With the goal of making a lip product as good as what goes in your mouth, Bite is free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates. They have lipsticks, stains, balms and scrubs—all for under $30 each. While they currently offer several vegan products, Bite plans to go completely vegan in 2020.

Purchase Bite products at Sephora, on Amazon or on the Bite website.



Each Lawless product is free of toxins and hormone disrupting ingredients. They even list the harmful chemicals and other additives that they avoid on their website. For no more than $64 per item, Lawless offers products for your face, eyes and more.

Find the “Clean AF” line at Sephora or on the Lawless website.

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