8 Colognes Every Guy Should Try


Along with providing an alluring aroma, colognes have the power to raise confidence and transport you to another place. Whether you’re looking for a more “masculine” or unisex scent, there is something for everyone. Finding the right cologne can be an overwhelming process. But we’re here to help!

Here are eight colognes that customers swear by.

Celine Black Tie

The Black Tie Eau de Parfum from Celine uses the perfect mixture of masculine and feminine to provide a crisp scent everyone will appreciate. Made with white orris butter, cedar, tree moss, vanilla and musk, the spray will leave you feeling confident and couture. Not to mention, it’s housed in a modern looking bottle that will look great among everyone’s cologne collection.

Promising review from Fragrantica: Frank says, “This is a very nice, unisex vanilla scent. I can’t get enough of it! And the bottle design is just beautiful.”

Tom Ford Costa Azzurra

Tom Ford’s Costa Azzurra draws inspiration from sea air and the idea of escape to provide a woodsy, citrus scent. Formulated with notes of cypress, lemon and oakwood, the fragrance will leave each user feeling transported to another place.

Promising review from Sephora: Shane says, “I bought this today and put it on as soon as I left the store. I am already obsessed. It’s masculine, but light and sexy; not overpowering at all.”

Dior Sauvage

Another must-try cologne is Sauvage by Dior. Made with masculinity in mind, the fragrance is like taking a breath of fresh hair. It features notes of bergamot, citrus and ambroxan to leave a zesty but sophisticated scent that lasts all day long. Not to mention, it comes in a gorgeous midnight blue bottle that will look great on any vanity.

Promising review from Dior: Dom says, “This cologne is AMAZING. Any time I wear it, I get tons of compliments. This has been my go-to for a while now and you don’t need to spray too much because it lasts all day. I will definitely continue to purchase.”

Armani Acqua di Giò Absolu

Amani’s di Giò Absolu Eau de Parfum is inspired by the Mediterranean to provide an aquatic and woodsy scent that everyone will love. In trying to explore the relationship between man and nature, the cologne is full of amber and patchouli to create a dynamic, signature scent for each user.

Promising review from Ulta: Jack says, “I have really been enjoying this ultimate scent! It is a perfect cologne for when you’re wanting to go out for a nice dinner or outing and even when you’re heading to work.”

Calvin Klein Eternity For Men

The Eternity For Men Eau de Parfum from Calvin Klein is powerful, elegant and fresh. Its warm, citrus scent is perfect for those looking for a rugged but refined aroma. Using a base of suede and vetiver with warm geranium and cypress, it’s truly a celebration of the modern man.

Promising review from Ulta: Joseph says, “This is a very eclectic scent. I really enjoy how it’s woodsy, yet there’s something marine about it. It’s definitely on the masculine side, and I believe it has a very long staying power.”

Yves Saint Laurent Y Le Parfum

Made with geranium, cedarwood and lavender, Yves Saint Laurent’s Y Le Parfum is the perfect woodsy fragrance. Meant to provide an enticing scent, it’s a bold choice fit for a bold man that has just a hint of floral that everyone will love. Not to mention, it has the stamp of approval from singer Lenny Kravitz!

Promising review from Sephora: Mickey says, “This cologne smells absolutely amazing. It has a clean and earthy smell to it and I’m in love! The bottle is also breathtaking!”

Chanel Bleu

Chanel’s Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum uses earthy notes of citrus accord, labdanum and sandalwood cedar to deliver a fresh but sophisticated scent. The warm fragrance is meant to provide a sensual aroma that captures the spirit of a man. It also includes tonka bean and vanilla to add a little extra something.

Promising review from Sephora: James says, “This is easily one of my favorite fragrances EVER. It has the versatility to be both an everyday fragrance (perfect for the office) and also a nighttime fragrance that’s perfect for dates or a night out on the town.”

John Varvatos Vintage

Last but not least, John Varvatos’ Vintage fragrance is the perfect scent for anyone looking to step up their cologne game. The masculine aroma features spicy notes that produce a leather-like vibe that’s unique and elevated. It even includes lush florals, smooth woods and Turkish tobacco to lock in its manly vibe.

Promising review from Nordstrom: Alan says, “This is a new cologne for me and I’m loving it! It lasts all day and is not overwhelming. I would definitely recommend.”

Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Which colognes do you love? Let us know in the comments!

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