A Guide to Bangs Based on Your Face Shape


Adding bangs to your hairstyle is a fun way to change things up without having to sacrifice your hair length. With so many different styles of bangs out there, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are right for you and your face shape. But, we’re here to help!

Use this guide as inspo to show your hairstylist, or to help you decide which bangs are right for you.

Face Framing Fringe


Those with a more angular, diamond face shape should go for longer, whispy bangs. They frame the face and enhance your natural beauty for a flattering look. Plus, they’re less of a commitment than fuller bangs!


Side Swept & Secure


Side swept bangs look great on everyone, but especially those with rounder face features. They add an angular element and help elongate the face, making for a complimentary style. And the grow out still looks gorgeous!


Major Micro Moment


For those with a squarer face shape, micro bangs are the way to go! While they may seem scary at first, they are super flattering and on-trend! The textured pieces accentuate your face shape and are super easy to style.


Straight Across Strands


Straight across bangs are something all women should try at least once—especially those with a heart shaped face. They’re a fun addition to any haircut, and once they grow out, you can restyle them by pushing to the side or splitting down the middle.


Classic Curtains


Curtain bangs are perfect for longer, more rectangular face shapes. They shorten the length of the forehead and are more lightweight than other options. Plus, they’re very on trend and look great with any hair length.


Which bangs are you going for when you’re back in the salon chair? Let us know in the comments!

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