10 Ways to Elevate Your Summer Hair


Summer hair needs more than your everyday styling. It needs to be practical, (withstanding hot weather and the occasional pool or beach trip) but still trendy and on point. You may be frustrated with styling your hair in the hot summer, but we’ve got you. Here are ten practical but cute ways to style your hair this summer.

Wave it


Beach waves are a classic look that we all wish we could easily replicate! Whether you’re social distancing at the beach or working from home, this styling will always make you feel a bit more glam. Click here for a tutorial.

Add a Bandana


If you want to spend your summer channeling your inner VSCO girl, a bandana is a great accessory to elevate your hair. Not to mention, they’re a really easy way to hide grown-out roots! Buy a chic bandana here.

Keep it Messy


Although they’re considered “messy,” an undone bun pairs well with most summer looks. Plus, they’re great for keeping your hair out of the pool. Perfecting the hairstyle can actually be a challenge, so check out this tutorial.

Dye Time


Summer is the perfect time to try out a fun hair color! Whether it’s this pretty pastel pink or another bright shade, now’s the time to have a little fun and reach for the dye. For more hair color inspo, click here.

Space Bun Fun


Whether you’re trying to protect your hair, or you just want out-of-this-world styling, space buns are a fun way to amp up any look. Check out Lexi Vee’s tutorial here.

Go Festival Chic


Music festivals may be cancelled for the rest of the summer, but that doesn’t mean festival hair is. Adding small braids, glitter or other accessories to your luscious locks is always fun! Click here for a festival inspired tutorial.

Add a Hair Scarf


Not only are hair scarves pretty, but they’re functional too! Adding the accessory to your summer style is the perfect way to up your elegance while keeping your hair back. Click here to shop all your hair scarf needs.

Higher Than High Pony


A super high ponytail is a great way to keep your summer hair in check and still look good while doing so. All it takes is a little technique to create the sleek ‘do. Check out Chris Appleton’s tutorial here.

Braid it Up


Braids are practical and chic. They’re an easy way to keep your hair out of your face, but they still add a little something extra to your look. Click here to learn how to French braid if you don’t already know!

Go Au Naturale


When all else fails, rock your natural hair! There’s nothing better than letting down your beautiful locks on a summer day. Check out these haircare products to keep your natural hair looking fresh and styled.

What hairstyles are you rocking this summer? Let us know in the comments!

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