New Bond Building Solutions for Black Hair


Bond repair technology has become all the rage and a significant game-changer in hair care. Innovative products work by targeting and repairing the disulfide bonds within the hair shaft, which can be compromised due to styling, heat, and chemical treatments. The result is a noticeable improvement in hair strength, elasticity, and overall health, leading to less breakage, fewer split ends, and a smoother, shinier appearance. 

While most formulas have a unique focus on repairing damage many have not specifically formulated products for afro-textured hair, which requires extra care due to its unique texture and susceptibility to damage. New over-the-counter solutions are now making bonding technology accessible in mass retail for use by professionals and for consumers, allowing for effective at-home hair care routines.

Four brands that formulate and market products for curly, coily and kinky hair textures can be found on shelves in big box retail stores like Target and Walmart.

Shea Moisture Bond Repair

Adding to the brand’s extensive range of products is a bonding system with HydroPlex Technology, that repairs broken hair bonds and creates new bonds, strengthening hair from within. The products are formulated specifically for type 3 and 4 hair. The system is said to be scientifically proven to make hair 6x stronger with 84% less breakage (compared to non-conditioning shampoo) by repairing and rebuilding broken hair bonds, while their Amino Blend Complex simultaneously infuses a unique blend of fortifying amino acids into the hair that are lost during damage from heat, protective styles, and color, preventing the likelihood of future breakage. 

The 4-step Bond Repair system features: Amla Oil Bond Repair Shampoo, Amla Oil Bond Repair Conditioner, Amla Oil Bond Repair Masque, and Amla Oil Bond Repair Leave-in. Additional products in the collection include Amla Oil Bonding Oil, which provides both heat protection and moisture, and the Minoxidil topical solution 2% for women that reactivates hair follicles to stimulate regrowth.

Palmer’s Amino Bonding Complex

Fueled by what they reference as the ABCs of bond repair – AMINO ACID (ARGININE), BIOTIN, and COLLAGEN, Palmer’s infuses coconut oil and Vitamin E into their new bonding complex to penetrate the hair’s cortex, helping to support the keratin structure and reinforce damaged hair bonds. The anti-breakage formula has been tested to increase tensile strength, improve shine by 119%, provide heat protection up to 450 degrees, and decrease frizz by 63%. The regiment includes: Amino Bonding Complex Healing Oil, Bonding Hair Conditioning Masque, Bonding Hair Gloss and Bonding Leave-In Treatment.

Curlsmith Bond Curl Rehab Salve

For curlies of all textures, Bond Curl is an intense pre-shampoo bond-building treatment, rich in proteins that target hair bonds to strengthen and repair from the inside out. The product efficacy is rooted in the brand’s belief that balancing protein-rich and moisturizing products in one’s routine is key to strengthening and protecting hair against damage. The more damaged and porous hair is, the more protein-rich products one should use.

The Doux Press Play Thermal Styling System

Cosmetologist, Maya Smith, developed this line with a passion to deliver a better thermal styling option by blending bonding technology and advanced heat protection. It allows users with curly hair the freedom to embrace both straight and curly styles. The 7-piece collection includes: Press Rewind Curl Retention Shampoo, Fast Forward Heat Prep Conditioner, Silent Treatment 30-Day Anti-Humidity Spray, Just Glaze Silkening Fluid, O.P.P. One-Pass Press Heat Protection Spray, Doux Drops Bonding Polish, and Gangster Wrap Foaming Wrap Lotion.

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Dwan V. White

Founder & Editor, Multicultural Beauty Insider 

A marketing strategist, product developer, brand architect, and self-proclaimed consumer insights geek, Dwan White’s career in the ethnic and multicultural beauty segment spans over 20 yrs. She has created and introduced over 200 hair and skin care products into the global marketplace, across 5 continents. In 2022, Dwan founded Multicultural Beauty Insider (MCBI), a digital media platform reporting business news, insights and trends throughout the $6.6 billion dollar U.S. ethnic/multicultural beauty vertical. Multicultural Beauty Insider Honors the Color of Beauty, giving the segment a media voice, while recognizing and rewarding the excellence of multicultural beauty brands and industry professionals.

Multicultural Beauty Insider

Multicultural Beauty Insider is a media voice, researching and reporting relevant business news, insights, and trends throughout the $6.6 billion dollar U.S. retail multicultural beauty vertical. Its mission is to Honor the Color of Beauty by driving impactful conversations, creating content that connects, educating to empower, and recognizing the excellence of brands and professionals within the ethnic/multicultural beauty segment.

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