Alexa Goes To The Salon

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It’s almost un-arguable that the best commercial of the Super Bowl was the Alexa commercial, with Amazon making fun of all of our day-to-day Alexa woes by showing Harrison Ford chasing after his dog with an Alexa enabled collar, an Alexa hot tub and even an Alexa run space ship. Well, as my mother always use to say, “It’s all fun and games until the robots are running the salon.”

Well my friends, that day is today! As reported by The Cut, Ted Gibson is opening a ‘Smart Salon’ equipped with cloud technology, voice shopping and literally everything that can currently be run by Alexa:

“Everything from the access to the front door, the music, the lighting, the coffee maker, the Roomba, the HVAC — everything is smart capable,” Backe adds.

What do you think?

  1. YAAAS the smarter the better. Let’s use all the technology we can
  2. The salon is my sacred place, get out of here Alexa
  3. Weird?
  4. Sure, whatever brings in clients