Andis Fans –– Here’s Something to Give a *Fuzz* About


We all know Andis for the bomb a** clippers, trimmers and combs that have made them an industry VIP over the last century. Their tools are a must-have behind the chair, but what about at home?

Late last month, the brand announced its new Women’s Trimming Line featuring a collection of rechargeable, reusable tools for personal grooming –– yes, even that kind of personal. The line features the Wet + Dry Shaver (just released) and a Trimming Kit that’s yet to drop. Both are made to keep the planet in mind while styling your body hair however you want.

For the Conscious Consumer

First to launch was their electric Wet + Dry Shaver, featuring the same fan-fave technology you reach for in the salon. It’s got a reliable 60-minute runtime plus long-lasting, stainless steel blades. The real gamechanger, though, is the Shaver’s sustainability features.

Its rechargeable battery and easy-to-clean blades make it easy to switch from disposable razors to a less wasteful option. Plus, the Wet + Dry technology means this tool can be used in or out of water –– say WHAT?! Either way, it still gives your legs, arms and bikini area a super smooth shave.

This is huge. Each year, the U.S. population alone puts 2 million razor blades in landfills. Not to mention that the UN estimates the demand for clean water growing by 20 to 30% by 2050. With the ability to shave dry skin as well, you can skip those 10 minutes in the shower and give back to the planet instead.

Shave or Don’t, Whatevz

Also, even though the tools are meant to comfortably remove body hair, the collection centers on the the body-positive message that #FuzzHappens. “It’s no secret. Women have body hair. All of us. (Really!)” says the brand.

The campaign normalizes and even celebrates women’s ability to style their hair their way, as well as take comfort in knowing that everyone deals with awkward moments, whether it’s forgetting to knock, sending the wrong screenshot or missing a little fuzz.

Basically, we’ve all been there and thought “FML.” But, body hair is one thing we should never feel ashamed of. Instead, whether you want to buzz it all off or go full 1970s, these tools don’t judge. They’re just here to get the job done well.

When it comes to styling, you’d only use the best tools on your clients. So, what about yourself? The Andis Women’s Trimming Line and Wet + Dry Shaver is a great buy that brings the high tech home for a cleaner buzz and healthier planet, plus makes shaving a little less of a chore.

The Shaver is available now and the Trimming Kit is on its way! You can bet I’ll be buying both.

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