Apparel Brand MAUBY Brings Women’s Empowerment to Fashion – For Real


Founded by Carol Min, MAUBY is a Los Angeles-based apparel brand that encourages women to empower each other through fashion. Offering key clothing items made for style and comfort, the brand’s goal is to help women root themselves in identity. They just released their first apparel line, which will make all of your Fall fashion dreams come true.

A Brand For Women By Women

Offering sweaters, sets, faux suede pieces and other major style staples, MAUBY is for any woman wanting to step up her fashion game. The brand was made by women with all types of women in mind, hoping to create a community of all ages and experiences. “Whether a recent college graduate, a working professional, a mother providing for her family, or a young grandmother—our clothes are for meant for all women,” their site reads.

The tailoring of clothing is super important to MAUBY, so they conduct multiple rounds of fittings to ensure perfect sizing of their apparel. Not to mention, all bottoms have an elastic waistband to provide a more universal fit.

Another way MAUBY cultivates a community of women is by showcasing their art. The brand celebrates the diverse creative community we live in by including illustrations by women of color on their organic cotton printed tees. Each illustration represents each artist’s story and provides an outlet for their creativity.   

Giving Back

Although a small brand, MAUBY dedicates itself to supporting the community in big ways. When the demand for face masks skyrocketed earlier this year, the clothing brand took charge and began manufacturing a variety of stylish cotton masks. The face coverings help protect customers while still elevating their fashion. They come in single, duo and three pack options that cost $10-$36.

In addition to producing face masks, MAUBY also supports organizations dedicated to helping others. Through the MAUBY Gives Back Initiative, the brand is committed to supportingThe Loveland Foundation to lift up communities of color, especially Black women and girls.

Back in April, the brand also worked with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to fulfill hospital workers’ need for disposable surgical gowns. Moving forward, each season, MAUBY will continue to use their resources to donate to different non-profits and support those in need of PPE.

All MAUBY clothing items are available for pre-order now and range from $54-$139. Click here to shop the line and be sure to follow MAUBY on Instagram for more fashion inspo.

What MAUBY item will you be purchasing? Let us know in the comments!

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