Are Trade Shows Dead? What to expect from America’s Beauty Show 2022 with Cosmetologists Chicago’s CEO Frank Fulco


As Covid-19 dies down (hopefully), trade shows are ramping back up. One of our favorite tradeshows here at The Tease is America’s Beauty Show (ABS). ABS will be in full swing from April 9th through the 11th. In order to celebrate, we welcomed Cosmetologists Chicago (CC) and ABS’s CEO Frank Fulco to the podcast this week. Frank leads strategic planning for ABS and continues to build CC’s legacy of support and growth for spa/salon professionals and students. Frank has over 30  years of experience in the beauty industry, having held positions at leading professional beauty companies and having served on the Cosmetologists Chicago Board of Directors. 

For 99 years, CC has proudly produced ABS. ABS is a non-for-profit event owned and produced by licensed beauty professionals for licensed beauty professionals. Over the years, the show has evolved to meet the needs of all licensed beauty professionals. This year ABS  invites you to FLOURISH, UNITE, NETWORK, & NAVIGATE your career. It will be FUNN!

Frank talked with us about the effects that Covid has had on the industry and was especially transparent about how the pandemic has affected trade shows. 

“Thank God for our team. All of us took pay cuts and continued to work and work our way through it. And knock on wood, here we are today getting ready to have one of the largest shows that we have probably ever had.”

“The beauty of the beauty business is the relationships and that’s what makes it beautiful. Sure we have pretty things, sure we make people look pretty, but what makes something beautiful is when it shines from the inside.”

“There’s going to be plenty of opportunity to, not only learn cuz the CEU’s are included, but also to shop, to interact with the big brands and be exposed to what’s going on. And to also give back and celebrate not only as an individual but also with any colleagues that you bring. And if you come by yourself, no problem cuz you’ll be there with about 20,000 of your closest friends and you can just enjoy the moment.”

Tune in to hear all about how trade shows are making the big return and what Frank will do when he sees YOU at ABS 2022!

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