Avengers End Game brings the brightest stars together


What!? Another Avengers movie? How many is it now? Whether you follow religiously or not, the end of the multi-million-dollar movie franchise is here, and Marvel says goodbye to quite possibly the most bad-ass superhero collab ever.

Last night was the premiere of the Avengers End Game in Hollywood, and anyone who is anyone was there, sporting a super look. Sorry, the pun was just too easy to use.

Here’s a recap of who rocked the red carpet as their final salute to the Avengers film series.

Brie Larson

Her simple, yet elegant look done by her personal stylist, @brycescarlett, allowed for her custom silky and dreamy lavender dress and Avenger-inspired jewelry to pop. Don’t we all want to be Brie? ?


Danai Gurira

Unleashing her fierce natural curly locks into a half-up look overtook the red carpet. This look is definitely different from her character’s hair in Black Panther, and we are ALL for it. #WakandaForever


Tessa Thompson

With her roles in the Creed films, Westworld, and obviously the Avengers franchise, Tessa is a rising star in Hollywood and with it, is her style. Her sophisticated up do SLAYED and we are excited to see what she does next.


Natalie Portman

Sleek and understated. Simple and classic. While her hair is simple, choosing to let her gorgeous gown steal the show was outright genius. Our original Sci-Fi queen who was our Padme in the Star Wars films and now the leading lady role for Thor is as timeless and universal as ever.


Evangeline Lilly

This. Look. Lilly’s normally longer hair was put into an up do that shocked us all. At first glance, it might look like she went full pixie cut on us, but really with the help from @giannandreahair and a couple hours of styling work gave her the fierce she hero look that the world always needed.


The Hemsworths

There isn’t really much different here, just an excuse to see our boys looking DAPPER is reason enough for honorable mention.


If these looks give any indication for what to expect for the finale, then the film is sure to be a smash. Go see it in theaters now!

Finally – Jeremy is l*i*t*e*r*a*l*l*y all of us this weekend:


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