Bare-Face Beauty

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Natural beauty has always been in, but one of the biggest trends in beauty is the classic, bare-faced look. Especially during the summer, when heat and humidity can be brutal on a lot of makeup, opting for a more natural look keeps it low maintenance and comfortable. The goal isn’t to go completely bare, but to have your makeup help your natural beauty shine through.

While you can use any range of products to get the look, there are a few major brands that have taken over this trend, including Milk Makeup, Flesh Beauty and of course, Glossier.

Not only do these brands focus on helping people feel beautiful in their natural skin, they focus on celebrating individuality and promote beauty positivity. They also focus on making their products eco-friendlier and of course, are cruelty-free.

Maybe it’s due to the trend of big, natural-looking brows, or the golden hour selfie, but we love getting back to our roots with a natural look. That being said, a bare-faced look doesn’t have to be boring. Pops of color using bright eyeshadows or lip colors are always encouraged to make your bare face a little more *glam*.

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Most celebs are usually known for their elaborate, red-carpet looks, but some have still been falling in love with this trend! Especially for younger celebs, posting pictures with a bare face look creates a more raw and real image to their followers. We do love a good clean selfie, plus their posts also help spread the natural beauty self-love!