This One’s Got Us Tickled Pink

Apple might disagree, but we’re not sure another color has had quite the staying power of rose gold. The trend has been around for ages, but really found its spotlight in the beauty world over the last two years.

It’s made its way into our wardrobes, makeup looks and hairstyles. Now, even our beauty tool arsenals have been infected by the color –– is nothing sacred!? But hey, we can’t complain, because this pigment isn’t just trendy, it’s got serious perks.

For one, this shade is totally flattering if you’re going for that perfect, sunkissed glow. Instead of piling on the bronzer, start sporting tools with hints of pink and gold. Having these undertones near our skin or our clients’ gives the appearance of that to-die-for flush, no product required.

The color is also known in the jewelry world for popping on neutral clothing, making rose gold accessories a perfect addition to our all-black ensembles. While the sparkle of standard gold and silver can get lost in their surroundings, this option puts some extra fun and flair into accessorizing.

And of course, it’s no secret to us that color has a huge effect on the way our clients feel. Besides seeing that sparkle in their eyes after a fresh dye job, the experts tell us the feel-good vibes associated with rose gold aren’t just in (or on) our heads.

Take it from Leatrice Eiseman at the Pantone Institute (aka the experts of color), who says rose gold gives people feelings of “compassion, composure [and] warmth, something that draws you in that has great appeal.”

So if we know that just being near this color makes you look good, why wouldn’t we add a little bit everywhere we go? We tested it out on our iPhones and Pinterest recipes, now all that’s left is to doll up our workstations with a few rosy additions.

Some of the dreamy products we’re hoping to add to our collection include these stainless steel duckbill clips, a styling comb set from Revlon and obviously this Swarovski Crystal blow dryer that sells for only $10,000 (in our dreams).

Not sure these eye-catching accessories will match the tools you already have? The shade is actually perfect to pair with a mixed-metal look. So you can tell your chrome blow dryer or golden curling iron to chill out, this color plays well with others.

Obviously rose golds are popping everywhere in the industry (and the world), but we’re still waiting to see an entire hair tool line come out that’s dedicated to the shade. Until then, we’ll take full advantage of the color that makes us look and feel our best.

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