Beauty Changes Lives’ “One Day. One Ticket” Event Announces $1 Million Fundraising Goal


If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to support the next generation of beauty professionals, you won’t find a better chance to do it than at Beauty Changes Lives’ upcoming One Day, One Ticket, One Million Possibilities (ODOT) fundraising event, taking place on March 21. 

This one-day-only mega-fundraiser supports BCL’s mission to empower up-and-coming beauty and wellness professionals through their stable of career-supporting resources. This year, BCL is encouraging all pros in our industry to donate the value of a single ticket—the equivalent of one service—through the organization’s online platform, in order to help reach their staggering goal of $1 million dollars.

“We’re grateful to receive any value of donation, big or small.Of course, you are welcome to share the full day of tickets, but all we are asking is for one,”  says Lynelle Lynch, founding board member and president of Beuaty Changes Lives. “This is also a great opportunity to educate your clients about the opportunities in our industry. If they are moved to support, they have the opportunity to make a donation as well.”

Per BCL representatives, “If there’s any industry that can make this happen, it’s our.” According to salon pro and educator Candy Shaw, who spearheaded ODOT 2023, the pro beauty community is a powerhouse that’s just waiting to be tapped. “One Day, One Ticket is about harnessing the energy of our industry’s artistry and creativity to strengthen our community and create opportunities for the next generation.”

Last year’s inaugural ODOT event raised $100,000 for BCL’s mission driven programs including scholarships, advanced education, entrepreneurial grants, and industry-awareness activities. “Donating to BCL is an investment,” Shaw affirms. “This is how we ensure that quality talent is available in our industry’s future.”

Take the Pledge

Interested pros are able to register ASAP at to pledge their support for the community and to download an ODOT toolkit of marketing assets to showcase that they stand with the industry. Currently, BCL offers a tiered list of registration packages—from a free individual participant all the way up to full salon/spa teams. Teams who register by March 1st will receive a celebration kit and BCL swag including exclusive event t-shirts, mirror clints, door stickers, and buttons. 

“Together, we’re making beauty and wellness a first-choice career,” explains Lynch. “We’re shifting the narrative: we’re saying, ‘Beauty isn’t a back-up plan.’ These are dream jobs in an incredible community.”

While the $1 million goal is a huge step up from last year’s successful campaign, the BCL team is confident in the power of the pro beauty community. “Beauty professionals have chosen the best career, the best profession, for life’s path,” says Lynch. “Now, with One Day, One Ticket, we can give back to the industry that has enriched the lives of so many.”

For more information about BCL’s One Day, One Ticket, One Million Possibilities or to pledge your support, be sure to visit And for the latest news from BCL, make sure to follow @beautychangeslives on Instagram. 

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