Beauty SuperStars Talk: Mastering Social Media During the Digital Revolution

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Everything has gone digital: our ovens, our laundry machines, our refrigerators, and, let’s be honest, we can’t live without our smartphones. Everything is much too connected! Last week on Beauty SuperStars Talk, the topic of social media is front and center — but more importantly, the episode focuses on how beauty industry professionals can master social media as a tool for success.

Whether you’re 30 years in the industry or 30 days, last week’s episode, D.O.P.E. Social Media and More with Brandi Taylor, sponsored by Black Beauty Expo, holds invaluable advice and information for everyone! 

Miki Wright stars Brandi Taylor, an inspiring speaker and coach who founded the Detroit Business & Beauty Expo. The two accomplished women discuss the importance of media and online presence when working in the beauty industry. 

When the pandemic first began, everything had to go digital — and it forced the beauty industry to pivot to virtual education, events, and promotions. It was a learning curve, but these two powerful women came out on top — and now give us great advice on how to use social media to build your brand, client base, and portfolio. 

Here’s a peek at the important moments of this week’s episode:

“Social media is just a marketing tool… People forget that it’s a tool, and it’s also a place where you can be social”

“You can’t put all your eggs in one basket”

“Every woman with a head of hair in your area isn’t your ideal client”

“Let them know that you’re a real person”

“I talk to beauty professionals all the time – they’re always overthinking it. Just post your work!”

Watch here or wherever you stream.

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Jade Bartier Protat
Jade Bartier Protat
Jade Bartier Protat is an Editorial Intern at The Tease, tuning in from Pennsylvania. With a passion for hair and admiration for hair professionals, she’ll be here writing all about it.