Bio-Regeneration: Unleashing the Power of Our Immune System for Timeless Beauty


Did you know that we are all in a collagen countdown, losing 1-3% of our collagen every year? With the growth of the medical aesthetics industry, fillers and plastic surgery first come to mind as the solutions to volume and elasticity loss. These are not the only answer. Natural regeneration is trending and here’s why. 

The Tease sat down with Dr. Vanessa Coppola, Doctor of Nursing Practice and board-certified nurse practitioner, to talk about all things bio-regenerative and the future of anti-aging. Taking a natural next step in her career, Dr. Coppola opened Bare Aesthetic Med Spa in Closter, New Jersey, in 2019.

The Science

To understand the future of anti-aging, we have to grasp the lingo. So stay with us, okay? Fibroblasts, aka connective tissue cells, create and maintain collagen and elastin fibers. Collagen (structural pillars in the skin) and elastin (rubber bands and shapewear of the skin), work together to keep our skin firm and tight. However, fibroblasts can be damaged and weakened due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors aka our mortal enemy, the sun! Over time, our pillars harden and deteriorate, while our rubber bands dry out and lose their elasticity. Enter bio-regenerative medicine! 

Dr. Coppola shared, “Bio-regenerative medicine is the ability to harness our body’s own immune system to produce anti-aging effects – initiating fibroblastic activity to develop new collagen and elastin fibers, thus producing healthier skin.”

Dr. Coppola’s Insights

“Bio-regenerative aesthetics have been around historically longer than what we consider modern aesthetics–botox and HA Dermal Fillers. There is a consensus among medical spa owners that bio-regenerative medicine is going through something of a renaissance. We see that most classically in the aesthetic space with a renewed interest in Sculptra.”


Sculptra is a dermal filler containing Poly L-Lactic acid, “FDA-approved to help gradually replace lost collagen for results that can last up to two years.” Unlike other dermal fillers, the injected solution is reabsorbed by the body and replaced with collagen about 4-6 weeks later, offering a natural approach to smoothing lines and replacing lost volume.


Radiesse is a dermal filler containing Calcium Hydroxyapatite, that is FDA-approved for nasal labial folds, jawline, and midface, contour deficiency that also stimulates collagen and elastin formation in the skin. jawline, and midface, stimulating collagen and elastin formation. This offers instant results similar to traditional Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

PRF injections 

Platelet-rich fibrin (or Plasma) promotes wound healing and regenerates fibroblast cells that create collagen and elastin. It can be injected to rejuvenate the undereye area, treat acne scars, and address hair loss, with the material sourced from the patient’s blood, minimizing risks and unwanted outcomes.

Energy-Based Modalities

All energy-based modalities work on the principle of thermal coagulation, initiating fibroblastic activity similar to Sculptra. They denature collagen, allowing the body to rebuild stronger bonds about 8-10 weeks later. Modalities like microneedling with radio frequency (In Mode AestheticsMopheus8) and Ultrasound Therapy (Ultherapy) operate on this principle.

Future of Holistic Medicine

Dr. Coppola enthusiastically discussed upcoming advancements in the field, including injectable exosomes and skin boosters already prevalent in Europe, anticipated to reach the US markets soon. Additionally, she spotlighted established products like Restylane VITAL (FDA-approved for lips as Restylane SILK), Juvederm VOLITE (FDA-approved as SKINVIVE), and RHA Redensity  (FDA-approved as a Dermal Filler only), underscoring the dynamic evolution of holistic collagen enhancement. These innovations herald a promising future for natural, rejuvenating treatments


Navigating the realm of bio-regenerative medicine prompts us to admire the natural allure of collagen regeneration and recognize the inherent power within our bodies, complemented by the skilled hands to which we entrust our youth. It’s more than a mere procedure; it involves choosing a seasoned practitioner, such as Dr. Coppola.

Our aesthetic journey extends beyond the surface; it mirrors thoughtful choices. Entrusting it to a skilled practitioner means investing not only in beauty but also in confidence, safety, and the vibrant version of ourselves. Embracing a holistic approach to skin health empowers us to tap into our body’s regenerative abilities. Here’s to choosing wisely, embracing timeless beauty, and honoring the artistry of expertise.

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Roxana Lopez Tinajero

Roxana Lopez Tinajero, a proud Latina business owner and dedicated Skincare Professional, is deeply passionate about the art of skincare. With a knack for writing about the latest aesthetic and skincare trends, she empowers and coaches aspiring women in the business world.
When not immersed in the world of words or mentoring, Roxana shines as the Lead Medical Esthetician at La Marie Beauty, where she transforms lives one radiant face at a time. Her mission? Bringing confidence through healthy, glowing skin and inspiring fellow entrepreneurs to chase their dreams.
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