The Secrets to Healthy Aging


In a world where life expectancy continues to rise, a new challenge emerges: How do we look as young as we feel? Aging gracefully and exuding confidence, regardless of age, influences our overall well-being, from mind to body to soul. While aging isn’t optional, aging well is!

Healthy aging takes on many forms. Consuming a clean diet, getting proper sleep, and reducing stress can be crucial for long-term vitality. Yet, regardless of how good we feel internally, when we catch a glimpse of a tired, less vibrant self in the mirror, it’s difficult not to carry that with us throughout our day. The world of medical aesthetics offers a promising solution as we look to the future. When we look good, we feel even better.

The Tease got the inside scoop into the secrets of healthy aging with Dr. Demetri Arnaoutakis, a double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon and the Chief Medical Officer at Vitalyc Medspa. He is not only a national trainer for some of the most innovative aesthetic equipment manufacturers but also a leader in advanced injection techniques. Dr. Arnaoutakis beams with passion for both internal and external rejuvenation. During our discussion, he shed light on the latest trends sweeping the market, emphasizing the growing popularity of minimally invasive, AKA non-surgical, solutions for aging. 

Vitalyc Medspa, an innovative, gender-neutral, chain of medical spas, boasts 5 locations in Texas with plans for further expansion. They offer proactive age-reversal treatments specifically customized by physicians to accentuate the natural beauty of men and women with services ranging from injectables, such as Botox and dermal fillers, to internal wellness solutions, including Medical Weight Loss Treatments, IV Therapy Infusions, and everything in between.

Dr. Arnaoutakis offers a few everyday tips for preserving beauty inside and out.

The Tease: Beyond physical appearance, aging can impact confidence. How do your services enhance one’s beauty and also boost self-esteem?

Dr. Arnaoutakis: A gentleman may have a bald patch on his head that bothers him and undergoes a hair transplant; he will feel more confident in his next board meeting.

Do you have any tips for everyday habits to incorporate for healthy aging or aging gracefully?

Dr. Arnaoutakis: Start with the basics – simple skincare products like moisturizers and daily sunscreen. Sun exposure can have a negative impact on our skin quality and lead to early wrinkles, damage, and skin cancers. I, being Greek with Mediterranean skin, enjoy some sun time, but it is crucial to guard and protect your skin.

Often, it is the small things that make a big difference. For instance, when life gets a bit wild, and you need to bounce back after a night out, IV therapy can be your salvation. This service offered at Vitalyc can help you regain your stride and return to your usual routine.

What is one piece of beauty advice you would give your younger self?

Dr. Arnaoutakis: Avoid going to the beach, in the sun, all day long without sunblock. Apply something with a little SPF in it. I never used SPF when I was younger, so I would share that with my younger self now.

Can you delve into any tips for staying in touch with inner vitality as we age?

Dr. Arnaoutakis: Something I adopted in my early days as a competitive soccer player was establishing a routine. Even when I transitioned to Division One college soccer, I didn’t follow the typical college partying scene, burning the midnight oil until 2 AM. Instead, it was 6 AM runs and maintaining disciplined habits, which has stayed with me. To anyone embarking on a health journey, start with a routine. Whether you commit to three days of running each week or limiting dessert to once a week, setting achievable and realistic goals is key. Overwhelming yourself initially, can lead to frustration and quitting. Gradual progress, step by step, is the way to go.

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Roxana Lopez Tinajero

Roxana Lopez Tinajero, a proud Latina business owner and dedicated Skincare Professional, is deeply passionate about the art of skincare. With a knack for writing about the latest aesthetic and skincare trends, she empowers and coaches aspiring women in the business world.
When not immersed in the world of words or mentoring, Roxana shines as the Lead Medical Esthetician at La Marie Beauty, where she transforms lives one radiant face at a time. Her mission? Bringing confidence through healthy, glowing skin and inspiring fellow entrepreneurs to chase their dreams.
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