Biolage Professional’s Color Last Packaging Just Got a Whole Lot More Sustainable


At this point, we’re all well aware that the hair and beauty industry has a huge plastic waste problem. From the plastic product containers and tiny jars that house our hair oils to our shampoo bottles, it should come as no surprise that we all contribute to a mountain of packaging waste each year—120 billions units to be exact, according to data taken from Zero Waste Week.  Much of which can’t or often isn’t recycled, sadly enough.

Fortunately for us all, a growing number of hair brands have been making more of a conscious effort when it comes sustainability and waste reduction—the latest being Biolage Professional. The professional haircare brand recently announced that it would be releasing limited-edition Color Last hybrid recycled bottles and partnering with SalonCycle to assist stylists with recycling salon waste where they shop.

For those who are unaware, the Color Last line is not only a top-seller among consumers but also a favorite among salon pros thanks to its nourishing formulas which maintain color vibrancy and hair health. With this new limited-edition packaging, Biolage Professional will not only be able to help minimize plastic use, but also continue to work towards a more eco-conscious brand footprint.

“We are thrilled to announce the hybrid Color Last bottles and our partnership with SalonCycle as an overall sustainability push,” says Mounia Tahiri, Biolage Professional senior vice president. “Although these initiatives are for a limited time, we truly look forward to hearing the response from consumers and professionals and continuing to work toward a more sustainable future for the brand. This brand is inspired by nature, and we are constantly exploring ways to reduce our environmental footprint and encourage others to reduce theirs.”

To create this limited-edition packaging, Biolage Professional partnered with multidisciplinary Brazilian artist Barbara Malagoli. Much of the inspiration from the colorful design came from the brand’s own connection to nature. 

Unlike the traditional 13.5 fluid ounce Color Last bottles, these limited-edition bottles feature packaging that is made from 100 percent recycled paper and plastic, excluding the pump —that’s 40 percent less plastic than the regular bottles. The outer shell packaging is made from FSC-certified, 100 percent recycled, water-resistant paper with wet-strength technology, allowing the bottle to be shower-safe. Plus, this outer paper packaging shields a thin plastic liner on the inside that is made from 100 percent recycled plastic and the entire bottle is manufactured in a zero water-waste facility.

But the release of limited-edition recycle packaging is just the start of the brand’s commitment to salon sustainability. By partnering with SalonCycle, Biolage Professional will help make recycling salon waste much more accessible to stylists. As part of their program with SalonCycle, the professional haircare brand will be sponsoring a SalonCycle recycling box in all SalonCentric stores. From April 18th to April 30th, licensed salon pros will be able to drop off their traditionally non-recyclable salon waste—including used foils, metal color tubes, and empty plastic containers—in the Biolage Professional-sponsored recycling box at the SalonCentric store of their choice. Once the box is full, it will be shipped back to SalonCycle so that all of its contents can be recycled. 

“I’m beyond excited for the Color Last Limited-Edition hybrid packaging,” says Sunnie Brook, Biolage Professional global ambassador and celebrity stylist. “As a haircare professional, Color Last is a staple in my toolkit to ensure my clients’ hair stays vibrant and nourished. I’m proud to be partnered with a brand that’s continuously exploring ways to develop and implement more sustainable packaging.”

To get your hands on the limited-edition Color Last bottle, which retail for $23.50, be sure to visit any SalonCentric or ULTA store. And, for more exciting announcements from Biolage Professional, make sure to follow @biolage on Instagram. 

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