Bleu Luna Hair Offers Salon Quality Haircare in Clean Products


Founded in 2018 by celebrity hairstylist and entrepreneur Tiffany Pegula, Bleu Luna Hair is a Black-owned vegan haircare brand that works from within to produce happy, healthy hair. The products are made with natural, organic ingredients that penetrate hair to “create ultimate smoothness, shine, growth, and manageability.”

Brand Goals

Pegula’s goal with Bleu Luna is to make people feel “naturally beautiful and confident,” and she does so through natural products aimed to strengthen hair from within—something usually only attained in a salon chair. “I created Bleu Luna so that people could achieve salon results both in and out of the salon,” her site reads. “[the brand] is different from other haircare lines because it rejuvenates hair from the inside out.”

With Bleu Luna, Pegula also hopes to set an example for her daughters and add to a short list of Black female founders in the beauty industry. In a piece written exclusively for The Tease, Pegula states, “I’m looking forward to the future and hope my children can live in a world where they can open magazines and see Black faces and other women of color as business owners and CEOs!”

Clean Products for Clean Hair

All Bleu Luna Hair products cruelty-free, vegan, full of nutrients and work on all hair types. With an array of offerings, the brand has something for everyone. Products come in standard size, travel size and in kits that are curated to produce salon-like results.

One of the most highly rated products from Bleu Luna is their Renew Shampoo. It adds a moisture boost to color-treated hair, while strengthening the shaft and sealing in shine. Plus, it prevents color from fading and nourishes hair for a needed refresh.

Additionally, the Bleu Luna Glow Oil adds shine, reduces dry time and softens hair to produce salon-level results even at home. Formulated with a blend of oils, black cacao and other organic extracts, the oil will leave your hair glowing like never before.

Another Bleu Luna hair product you need to get your hands on is the Mending Balm. It targets dry, unruly hair to manage and strengthen locks. Not to mention, it contains powerful ingredients that add shine and softness.

Click here to shop Bleu Luna Hair products, and read more about Tiffany Pegula’s story here.

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