Making Something Out of Nothing

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While I’m a wife and mom of four girls (A.K.A. total “girl mom”), I’m also a celebrity colorist and founder of Bleu Luna Hair, a vegan hair care line. I also serve as a mentor to ambitious entrepreneurs of all industries. My mission has always been about uplifting, inspiring and helping them find their magic! 

As a colorist in the San Fernando Valley for over 16 years, I’ve worked Fashion Week in LA & NYC and worked on movie & TV sets. I’ve even styled for editorial shoots. However, working behind the chair has always felt like home for me.

Still to this day, I draw inspiration from my husband and kids. They fuel me and keep me feeling creative and inspired. I’m so thankful and blessed for my family. They really help me put life into my career, as well as perspective.

We are like a walking ad for a diverse, multicultural family! I have a daughter that’s Mexican and another that’s black. Then, I have two small little girls that are biracial half-black, half-white. Not to mention my husband is white and I’m Black. It’s extremely important to me that I inspire my family and make them proud.

All of this while living in the difficult context of being a Black entrepreneur in this generation.

The beauty and fashion world is predominantly white. This makes it harder for Black artists to get acknowledged or receive the recognition we deserve. Early in my career, I remember not wanting to post pictures of myself, because I knew being a colorist in a predominantly white city, people wouldn’t expect me to be Black.

Still, as a mother of so many young girls, it’s important for me to show them what it looks like to dream and have passion! That’s one thing that inspires me and keeps me pushing forward. At the end of the day, my daughters know they have a mother that not only loves what she does, but puts in the work to make a difference in her community. 

On a regular basis, my family is my inspiration because I know how important my role is in their life.

Being a mother and stepmother has given me a level of compassion that is immeasurable. A few lessons I try to teach my daughters are number one: to be a strong woman. And number two: how to be a Black woman in the beauty industry. These are both very difficult. But, I love that they see me day after day get back up and pursue my dreams, regardless of any setbacks or obstacles. 

My relationships with my daughters also keep things in perspective and allow me to do what I love for a living because it makes me happy. I have a beautiful family to come home to, and that is my priority. Because of them, I’ve learned to set boundaries and truly only do what I love with people that I love. And that’s the bottom line!

It’s tough to constantly watch your white counterparts enjoy opportunities that you have to work 10 times harder to be considered for. However, I’m looking forward to the future and hope my children can live in a world where they can open magazines and see Black faces and other women of color as business owners and CEOs!

I’m looking forward to seeing more Black faces on major brands and platforms, to the day Black women are amplified and shown in the light we’ve earned. And to the day when we don’t have to play these games — when we are rewarded for showing up and being seen without us being called aggressive, pushy or sensitive.

We’ve got a long way to go, but I feel change is coming.

Tiffany Pegula
Tiffany Pegula
Tiffany Pegula is an award winning celebrity colorist and founder of Bleu Luna Hair.