Blind Barber Unveils New Eco-Friendly Packaging and Expanded Skincare Line


When Blind Barber first launched its grooming line in 2012, the New York City barbershop and lounge set out to essentially “bottle up” the spirit of their barbershop and create high-quality products for their growing community of barbers and customers. Now, a decade later, the brand’s taking this mission one step further by expanding its skincare collection and making their product offerings better for the environment, too.

Earlier this month, Blind Barber released five new skincare products — taking their current skincare line up from two products to seven — all with new eco-friendly packaging. The recent additions, which range in price from $20 to $22, include a hydrating balm, a foaming cleanser, a face scrub, an under eye cream, and a balancing toner. According to Co-founder and executive director Jeff Laub, the expansion of the Blind Barber’s skincare line is result of client feedback from their six locations throughout New York City, California, Chicago, and Philadelphia as well as the pandemic’s impact on mens’ skin care routines. 

“Zoom calls, Hangouts — these contributed to men paying more attention to themselves,” Laub told WWD. “Men are exploring this area of beauty they wouldn’t have a little while ago. Beauty and grooming are merging.”

But, the arrival of new skincare products isn’t the only exciting change happening with Blind Barber. The brand recently underwent a massive sustainable and ditched its original packaging in favor of alternatives that are much kinder to the planet. Going forward, new and existing products will now be sold in newly redesigned packaging that is made with post-consumer plastic, aluminum, and glass, to help lower the brand’s carbon footprint. To support this goal, Blind Barber has also partnered with rePurpose Global which is a Plastic Action Platform that is dedicated to reducing waste.

“They will track our products in the wild, and biannually we tally it up and provide a donation based on the amount we put out there,” Laub explained to WWD. “Our goal is to become plastic neutral and not have a plastic footprint.”

With an expanded skincare collection and new eco-friendly packaging, Blind Barber has high hopes for 2022.  Chief executive officer Matthew Breen told WWD that the brand plans to “hit the ground running” with their product line and new location opening in Nashville.

“2021 was our best year for our consumer products line,” he said. “We’re going to continue building out our product line to deodorant, colognes, body scents, and meet our consumer where they are.”

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