Where To Buy Products Online

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Books, gifts, dresses, food, toilet paper. Today we buy just about everything online and have it delivered directly to our door. No fuss, no muss, just as long as you have a tracking number! Le sigh, if only ordering your salon product was that easy.


It can be! Enter: MyWellaStore.com. Wella is innovating the industry with their official online store, designed to exclusively serve licensed professional stylists. (Yaaaaaaas).

Here are five reasons why we’re fans:

1. Save on Shipping. New users and long-time fans alike get the perk of free shipping for all orders over $50. Really – it’s that easy to save time and cash.

2. Swag, Please! Oh, didn’t we mention? MyWellaStore.com is offering a free stylist kit with your first order!

3. Shop Online. With different levels of points that can earn you classes, deals and the opportunity to earn free back bar product, it’s the perfect rewards system for salon owners and independent stylists alike. W

4. Sale! Sale! Sale! Sale! We love a good sale, and there’s plenty to love about MyWellaStore.com’s exclusive Featured Offers and Closeout Sale sections. Since the site is for professionals only, you’ll have special access to the digital sales shelves. Your login is all it takes to unlock these deals.

5. Your time = $. You can re-stock on every single product you need literally from your phone. Not to mention, the site’s Quick Order drop-down option gives you immediate access to your favorite brand’s entire catalog.