Celebrate National CBD Day With These Relaxing Products

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National CBD Day is right around the corner, so it’s time to treat yourself (or a loved one) with the gift of relaxation! From oils and skincare to bath bombs and gummies, there are many ways to indulge in the sense of calmness that CBD has to offer. There’s no need to peruse the internet to find products that work; we’ve gathered the best of the best!

Here are seven CBD products to help you celebrate National CBD Day.

Extract Labs Lemon Tincture

The Lemon CBD Tincture from Extract Labs is great for those looking to ingest the natural ingredient. Its lemon flavor adds a nice citrus taste that’s subtle but still sweet. It can be taken by itself, mixed into drinks, drizzled on food or blended with other formulas to provide the perfect chill.

Promising review from Extract Labs: Daniel says, “This was the first CBD product I used, and it is great. It really helps me with my sleep and kind of gives me a good feeling throughout the day. Definitely will purchase again.”

Botanika Life Elite Elixr

Botanika Life’s Elite Elixr uses CBD to deeply moisturize skin while reducing signs of aging and acting as a spot treatment to target troubled areas on your complexion. It can be added to beverages to stimulate relaxation in the body and mind! Not to mention, the elixr is vegan and cruelty-free.

Promising review from Botanika Life: Laurie says, “I love the Elite Elixir! I just started using it and within 3 days you can see the difference in my skin. No more dry patches and it’s unbelievably smooth and soft. This is an amazing product.”

Lord Jones Bath Salts

You can never go wrong with any of Lord Jones’ offerings, but their High CBD Formula Bath Salts are especially impressive. Not only will they transform your bath into a relaxing spa treatment, but they restore balance and soothe the soul as well. Plus, they’re great for melting away tension and contain refreshing notes of evergreen and citrus.

Promising review from Lord Jones: Emily says, “I can’t say enough positive things about this product!! It’s absolutely wonderful. All of the stress and tension from this crazy life just melts away. Paired right before bedtime is even dreamier.”

Mantra Mask After Sun Sheet Mask

Mantra Mask’s CBD After Sun Sheet Mask is the perfect pick-me-up after a long day in the sun. Meant to help soothe sun damaged skin, it also reduces inflammation and locks in moisture. It even contains aloe vera, chamomile, chia seed and other antioxidants to keep skin glowing and on point long after use.

Promising review from Mantra Mask: Margie says, “I have been spending a lot of time outside and my skin has not burned but definitely has been feeling dry and a little flaky. This mask immediately soothed my face. It felt like I had an IV infusion of goodness!”

Sunsoil Softgels

Sunsoil’s Softgels are another ingestible CBD product worth trying out. Made with 20mg of CBD in each capsule, the effects are long-lasting and mellow. Not to mention, they’re super convenient to use, can be taken every day and are easy to work into your already existing routine.

Promising review from Sunsoil: Rebecca says, “I’ve been using Sunsoil for a few months now (just one at bedtime) and the improvement in my mood, sense of well-being and sleep has been astounding. Absolutely love this!”

Charlotte’s Web Calm Gummies

The Calm CBD Gummies from Charlotte’s Web are formulated to help provide ease and focus in your everyday life. Not only will they help you manage stress and anxiety, but they’re a sweet chew made with natural juices from fruits and vegetables. Plus, the gummies encourage relaxation and will never leave you feeling drowsy.

Promising review from Charlotte’s Web: Jillian says, “I really enjoy the flavor of these and could eat them all day long if I could. For me, these aide in relaxing after a good workout on the treadmill, hiking, shoveling, painting, racking, yoga, etc.”

Happy Dance Bath Bomb

Finally, Happy Dance’s Bath Bombs are a game-changer. Made with 60mg of CBD, coconut oil and coco butter, they revive your soul while keeping skin hydrated and soft. They come in a break-apart cube that can be used up to four times to uplift and leave you feeling light as a feather. Not to mention, they’re vegan and cruelty-free!

Promising review from Happy Dance: Sam says, “These bath bombs are amazing! I just used one for the first time and it provided likely the most relaxing bath I’ve ever had. They also smell lovely and leave your skin silky smooth.”

Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Which products are you indulging in this National CBD Day? Let us know in the comments below!