Corporate to Beauty: It’s Okay to Change


We are in the business of stories. And it’s as if there is never the same story of the path, road, journey to success when we’re talking about the beauty industry. While many in the industry knew they were destined for hair since birth, others took completely different paths before landing in the beauty industry. Today’s guest, Cherin Choi, told us about her journey starting out in the corporate world and turning to the industry she loves.

Cherin Choi grew up in southern California. After taking the LSAT, deciding law is not for her, and working full time as an account manager for an IT staffing company, Cherin decided to change her career and train as a hairdresser in Los Angeles. She graduated from the acclaimed TONI&GUY Academy and later apprenticed as color associate at the prestigious Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills, CA. It was there that she refined coloring techniques that have allowed her to highlight healthy, fine hair with minimal damage, and to transform dark and coarse to blonde and beautiful. In addition to natural hair coloring, Cherin is highly skilled in integrating creative color palettes into her highlighting techniques. She also has expertise in hair extensions, specifically with sew-in wefts and tape-ins. After learning how to help her clients achieve their dream hair goals during her time at Ramirez Tran in Beverly Hills, Cherin opened up Nova Arts Salon. From there, she transitioned full-time to private appointments only across the client base she developed throughout Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Mexico City. It is her commitment to the mastery and exploration of her craft that sets her apart in the industry. 

We talked with Cherin about her journey, creating your own path in beauty and all of her techniques she has learned. Tune in and turn the Volume Up to hear all about Cherin and her story.

“I actually started after I already had a different career. So I went to beauty school when I was in my mid-20s. And it was definitely a mix, like beauty school is filled with people that are just straight out of high school, and there were people older than me and there was people my age.”

“At this point in my career, I am able to walk in and not have to worry about the toilet paper or that the front desk girls are fighting.”

“For right now, I am able to really just enjoy the day to day of being a stylist at a salon. I really appreciate that feeling.”

“I never said no to anything, even if it was something I didn’t know how to do. I just made sure that I tried to do as much research as I could before and just took my time with it really.”

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