From Red Carpet to Fingertips: Embracing the Metal and Chain Fashion Trend in Nail Art


The 2024 awards season was not just a showcase of cinematic excellence and musical talent; it also served as a platform for the emergence of a bold and captivating fashion trend: metal and chains. From the glitz and glamour of the Golden Globes to the high-energy spectacle of the GRAMMY Awards and the iconic elegance of the Oscars, the red carpet became a runway for celebrities to showcase their innovative interpretations of this trend. As the trend continues to captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide, it’s only natural for GlossaryLive to explore how it translates into other realms of nail art styling.

At the Golden Globes, Hollywood’s elite dazzled audiences with their avant-garde interpretations of the metallic trend. Gowns adorned in metallic sequins and mesh with intricate metal details set the stage for a night of opulence and glamour. Inspired by these elegant displays, GlossaryLive’s resident nail artist Aigul Fritzke incorporated metallic accents onto soft nude and white nail designs for a more conservative compliment to the metallic nod.

The Golden Globes

Watch the steps to this Golden Globes-inspired design 


The GRAMMY Awards, known for its celebration of creativity and individuality, provided the perfect backdrop for musicians and performers to push the boundaries of fashion. Artists embraced the metal and chain trend with enthusiasm, incorporating silver metallic looks from head to toe and donning edgy chain ensembles revealing almost all. Taking cues from these daring looks, we experimented with metallic gel polishes and chain accents to create a haute couture design that reflected the fearless spirit of Miley Cyrus at the Grammy Awards.

Watch the steps to this Grammy-inspired design 

The Oscars

As the awards season culminated in the prestigious Oscars ceremony, the metal and chain trend reached new heights of sophistication and elegance. Hollywood’s leading ladies graced the red carpet in reflective couture creations to continue the metallic movement.  Inspired by the delicate feminine hue of America Ferrera’s sequined gown GlossaryLive created a romantic rosette nail look to compliment the timeless glamour of the Oscars red carpet.

Watch the steps for this Academy Awards-inspired design 

For those looking to incorporate the metal and chain trend into their nail art repertoire, there are countless ways to experiment and express creativity. Consider using metallic nail polishes in shades of gold, silver, and bronze to achieve a luxe, reflective finish. Add dimension and texture with metallic foils, studs, and chains, layering them over gel polish or chrome for a multi-dimensional effect. Experiment with chain accents along the cuticle or tips for a modern twist on classic colors.

Whether you’re channeling the glamour of the Golden Globes, the edgy energy of the Grammy Awards, or the timeless elegance of the Oscars, embracing the metal and chain trend in nail art allows your clients to make a bold statement and express their individual style. So why not take inspiration from the red carpet and let your nail looks steal the spotlight? With a little creativity and a touch of metallic flair, you can elevate your nail services to red-carpet-worthy status and shine bright like a Hollywood star.

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Alisha Rimando

Alisha Rimando started her journey in the nail industry working in a salon and soon became an educator. She immediately fell in love with teaching and found herself traveling the world as an educator, competitor and hand model for World Champion, Tom Holcomb. 

Alisha has authored and/or contributed to more than 10 textbooks and supplements for Cengage Learning including Milady Standard Cosmetology and continues this honor year after year. Alisha became a session artist for magazines, designers at NY Fashion Week and was even featured in Jennifer Hudson’s Spotlight video. She also spent 3 years as Training Director at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas where she earned her reflexology license and trained over 360 nail technicians in 31 locations across the USA in the art of natural nail care.

Now she brings her experience and passion for the industry to GlossaryLive. is a beauty & nail educational platform where you can feel confident that the information you are receiving is factual, the techniques tried and true, and the instruction… second to none. Learn basic nail applications to master-level nail art techniques from world-famous veteran nail competitors, judges, educators, authors, and industry gurus. At GlossaryLIVE, you can find advice on your business, check up on industry news, find resources, ask questions, and more. The first ever true global NAIL community!

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