Fun Nails Designs to Run Down the Clock on Quarantine

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With more states and countries implementing lockdowns and “shelter in place” orders each day, millions of people are practicing social distancing to keep COVID-19 under control. Us included! During this time it can be hard to keep your spirits up, let alone your creativity.

Here’s how you can do both. 10 nail designs to try out now. You might as well have a fun manicure while you’re continuously washing your hands!

Abstract & Artistic

Try your hand at abstract art and use different colors to create this unique look. We’re partial to pink!

Shimmering Ombre

The perfect amount of glitter to glam up any mani.

Charming Cheetah

For those who have major patience, try creating cheetah print in a fun color!

Subtle Sparkle

Add a *little* sparkle to your otherwise basic black manicure.

Pretty & Pastel

These muted shades are the perfect colors for spring—even if you’re spending it inside.

Dreamy Details

Pay homage to the night sky with this gorgeous detailed mani.

Outgoing Orange

This orange and yellow design will brighten up anyone’s day!

Geometric Galore

When you can’t decide which color to use, just go with all of them.

Neat Negative Space


Go for this unique look to create an illusion with your nails.

Colorful Confetti

This colorful mani will help you celebrate every day!