Hairstylist Candice Birns Reveals Inspiration Behind Danielle Haim’s Bob


A couple weeks back Haim hit the Vanity Fair Oscar Party red carpet oozing girlband glamour, as they do, with one major difference. Lead singer, and middle sister, Danielle Haim debuted a bob!

The sisters took to their Instagram after the event (before scrubbing it) to post a playful photo of Danielle’s new look, captioned, “which one of us cut danielles hair while she was sleeping?” Well, we know who gave her the big chop… longtime hairstylist, Candice Birns.

Danielle Haim and Celebrity Hairstylist Candice Birns.

We got the exclusive on Danielle’s new hair straight from Birns herself!

The Tease: Danielle and her sisters have been known for their center-parted, long straight hair for so long. How did you and Danielle decide to do the big chop?

Candice Birns: We felt like it was time for a change after 8+ years of working together. I’m a massive PJ Harvey fan—as is [Danielle]—but she came to me with these photos of Kate Moss, and we felt like the combination of those 2 women with the new record coming out was the perfect inspiration for the big chop.

Did you have any hesitation about such a dramatic change?

Absolutely not, as Danielle and her sisters are naturally beautiful and have beautiful hair and don’t need much. I knew she could pull it off without [any] doubt. The shape of her face, bone structure, hair texture—she has it all.

What tools (shears/scissors or razor) and products did you use for the initial cut?

A Flex 5’ shear and Damascus blending shear [along with] Davines OI Hair Milk mixed with Davines Love Hair Smoother.

Danielle Haim via Candice Birns

What are some tips you can give fellow hairstylists when clients want to make a dramatic change?

Make sure [the] client is ready for a drastic change, and make sure either party have not gone through a breakup! We don’t want anyone doing anything out of spite and having their hairdresser pay for it.

Ask how much time/effort they want to put into their hair, and tailor it to their lifestyle.

Make sure their references are realistic to their face shape, hair texture and body type to make sure it will be flattering for them. You want to have everyone stepping out feeling like a star. 

How could a client talk to their hairstylist about whether Danielle’s hairstyle would work for them?

Come in with references of the haircut and discuss if it is a realistic option. And make sure it will flatter the person’s facial features and lifestyle!

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