How Beauty Futures’ Kevin Hoye Plans to Bring Positive Change to Salon Pros


Beauty Futures is a recently launched beauty holding company that supports the salon professional industry through “innovation at the speed of passion”. Offering a range of service methods, they aim to make salon pros’ lives easier by providing them with the tools needed to improve their technique and earn extra money while doing so. With Beauty Futures, stylists and salon owners will find opportunity and success while meeting the demands of the every-changing beauty industry.

We got the inside scoop from Co-Founder Kevin Hoye about the company and how they plan to support salon pros.

The Tease: How did you get started in the beauty industry?

Kevin Hoye: I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and I’ve always had a natural curiosity of how things work and why we do certain things. With a background in Business Development, I am constantly looking for ways to improve. In the past, I’ve done everything from action sports to real estate. But beauty found me! I was doing research for a client at the time, and I saw how closely beauty distribution mirrored action sports. I wanted to create things that make the very exciting and impressive beauty industry even better.

What was the original inspiration behind Beauty Futures? 

We want to be collaborative at Beauty Futures. We’re bringing new ideas that are stylist-centric and built around revenue generation for stylists. We’re rejuvenating the salon menu through new and improved, practical applications. Beauty Futures will offer a range of service methods utilizing a portfolio of patented tools and products that ultimately make hairdressers lives better by giving them more inspiration, access to new techniques and a chance to earn more money overall. 

Why should a salon/stylist partner with the company?

My business partner, Steven Davis, Director of Technical Salon Process, has been a stylist for 36 years. He is in the salon daily. We spend an immense amount of time exploring what new concepts can look like and how they perform. We are so hands-on, every single day, to identify what’s missing in the salon to help how a stylist works. 

Now is the time for stylists and colorists to be uniquely poised to meet the demands of what’s coming in beauty services. Their opportunity and success will be driven by Beauty Futures’ brands.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in the launch? How did you overcome them?

Our challenges are no different than anyone else during this time. The way we’ve overcome this is that we have an incredible team with deep industry knowledge, as well as advisory capacities. We have the benefit of being a small nimble company. When things get hard, we put our heads down and we work. We have incredible, breakthrough product developments. Through our challenges, our company aspirations have grown. It has not been easy, but like all of our salons, we focus on perseverance and moving forward. 

What are your goals for Beauty Futures?

Our undeniable focus is on the stylist and the salon owner. As we find success through the power of passion and innovation, we will evolve and provide opportunities to do a lot of good from a style standpoint, and most importantly, from a fiscal standpoint.

We want to be a true think-tank. We have moved mountains with our own concepts, but we want to usher back our resources to other brands in order for them to succeed. And we are hoping to have a long-term impact on the industry for many years. We are birthing our own ideas and we want to level-up others through shared resources and collaboration. Our goal is to align with partners who want to facilitate changes that are positive for stylists. 

Anything else you’d like to share with The Tease?

We have some really amazing innovations that have been in stealth mode. They’ll be out in the next 12 months and will take what’s traditional in the salon and flip it on its end. And we can’t wait for you to see everything we have to offer you! We have a real focus on professional salon services that are first to market and backed by a vast amount of research. We’ve been working on this for the last five years and are bringing you new concepts that are going to really, really help your business! From patented tools and liquids, with innovative processes, we know you’re going to love it.

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