How Hair and Beauty Brands are Responding to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine


For a little more than a week, we have all watched in horror and utter disbelief as Russian President Vladmir Putin’s war on Ukraine unfolds. As Ukraine and its innocent civilians continue to be bombed and terrorized daily, much of the world has come together to support those who have been directly impacted — including many members of the beauty community. 

An increasing number of hair and beauty brands have taken to social media to not only show solidarity with Ukraine, but have also used their immense platforms to speak out against the war, share educational resources, and, in some cases, publicly commit to giving donations to charities and organizations providing aid in Ukraine. 

Ahead, find a list of how various hair and beauty brands like Deciem, Uoma Beauty, and Soko Glam have responded to the ongoing crisis.

Adwoa Beauty

Prestige textured haircare brand Adwoa Beauty took to Instagram to post the below statement expressing their solidarity with Ukraine:

“We stand for peace in solidarity with Ukraine. 

Despite pleas for peace, a hostile full scale invasion has been launched on Ukraine by the Russian military. 

We stand for the defense of the Ukrainian people. We stand for the prevention of war. 

We stand for peace.” 

Along with that statement, the brand also shared a series of posts highlighting various resources and organizations, such as Donbas SOS, Children’s Voices, Save Life, and Hospitallers, that their followers can support throughout the crisis. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills

“ABH stands with Ukraine and supports their independence and freedom,” Anastasia Beverly Hills, which was founded by Romanian-born beauty entrepreneur Anastasia Soare, wrote in an Instagram caption.  “Having grown up in a communist regime, our founder understands firsthand the frightening implications of the invasion of a free Ukraine. We wish them victory and peace and stand firmly with Ukraine.”

Andis Company

Beloved barber brand, Andis, posted on their Instagram a  photo of a buzzcut with an anti-war design along with the caption, “We are saddened by what is happening in the world today and our thoughts are with the courageous people of Ukraine — we stand with you.” 

Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader made their stance against the war in Ukraine known with a message on Instagram: 

“We stand against wars and the devastation they bring.

We are deeply saddened by the events of the past week, and our thoughts are with the thousands of innocent people whose lives have been impacted.

As a brand, we will be continuing to support the charitable organizations that are working hard to protect the vulnerable.

We stand with the people of Ukraine and those in support of peace.”


Conscious skincare brand cocokind, understands that we can still hold space for both the people of Ukraine and oppose the racism that is simultaneously occurring there. The brand reposted the below tweet from researcher Ahmed Ali which speaks to the idea that these two positions aren’t “mutually exclusive.”

“You can (and should), unapologetically advocate for the Ukrainian people’s safety and peace AND you can call out the hypocrisy and racism on full display with the comparisons to other conflicts. They are not mutually exclusive. Let your sense of humanity be on full display.”

The brand echoed these thoughts with a statement of their own, which they shared in the post’s caption. 

“No country or population of people are deserving of war. We stand by Ahmed Ali’s words that both things can be true: you can want peace for the Ukrainian people while acknowledging the racism happening at the borders and by calling out the media’s explicit bias in their coverage of the war,” cocokind wrote to its 304k followers. “You can support Ukraine without erasing the experiences of people in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Latin America.” 


Deciem showed their support for Ukraine with two donations of $50,000 to two organizations: Project HOPE and Canadian Red Cross

The brand posted a statement alongside the donation that read:

“In response to the invasion of Ukraine, we have made two donations of $50,000 CAD to two organizations.

@projecthopeorg is an international organization that works with healthcare professionals to provide on-the-ground medical support to countries in crisis. Donations will support their initial response to Ukraine, including supplying more than two tons of essential medicines and medical supplies to affected areas. These kids, known as Interagency Emergency Health Kits, are critical tools to help support clinics and health systems in an emergency.

@RedCrossCanada is the Canadian branch of the largest humanitarian network in the world. The funds will support on-the-ground aid in Ukraine—including food, water, medical supplies, shelter support, psychological support, and mobile health teams.

We are people that care about people, and our thoughts are firmly with everyone affected by the invasion of Ukraine.”

Nails. INC

Nails.INC announced a donation to the British Red Cross, along with these words on Instagram: “We are deeply saddened by the situation in Ukraine. We have been looking at a small way that we can make a difference as there are so many possible options. With this at the forefront of our minds, Nails.INC has made a donation to the British Red Cross. This charity is already doing an unbelievable job of providing supplies of food, water, first aid, medicine, clothing, and shelter to some of those affected in Ukraine. To find out how you can help, please visit the link in our bio. Our thoughts are with our Ukrainian community at this time. Much love, Team INC.”

Soko Glam

K-beauty e-commerce site, Soko Glam, committed to doubling every dollar donated up to $20.000 as part of a fundraising campaign for Save the Children US. At the time of writing, $3,421.54 has been raised so far. 

Alongside the announcement of their fundraising efforts, the company also shared this statement:

“Soko Glam are doubling every dollar donated up to $20,000 to @savethechildren. Save the Children’s donations will help support children and families with immediate aid, such as food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support and cash assistance. Tap the donate button to help us today.”

“Soko Glam’s vision and mission is always beyond beauty and skin care — from the very beginning, it is built on the foundation and values of truly helping even just one person and making a positive difference in their life.”

Tower 28 Beauty

Tower 28 Beauty posted the below statement confirming their support for Ukraine alongside a list of resources and organizations (via a graphic from So.Informed) for their followers to get involved with and take action:

“We know the world is scary right now and we’re all feeling a little helpless. for a few ways to help and support Ukraine.”

“If you need anyone to talk to you, we’re always in the DMs.”

Uoma Beauty

In addition to releasing the statement below, Uoma Beauty, posted on Instagram a list of resources for its followers to educate themselves on as well as support.

“We are devastated by the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces and the number of lives that have been lost and threatened. As of today, at least 102 civilians in Ukraine have been killed, with 304 injured, although the real figure is feared to be “considerably higher”, while more than 100,000 citizens have been displaced.

We gathered some sources on ways in which you can help from a far and #StandWithUkraine. Please repost and share so that together as a community we can stand together against injustices.”

The Black-owned beauty brand also shared a series of posts calling attention to the racism that African students are experiencing at the Ukrainian border. 

“Racism has no place in our world — period,” Uoma Beauty captioned the post. “Sending our love to everybody fleeing the war and seeking refuge.”

If you know a hair or beauty brand that should be added to this list, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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