How Lead Hairstylist and R+Co BLEU Founder Garren Styled the Silkiest Hair Possible for Anna Sui’s Fall 2024 Runway Show


Anna Sui looked to the literary world for inspiration when it came to her Fall 2024 runway show, which took place in the Rare Book Room of New York City’s iconic Strand Bookstore. Heavily influenced by her favorite Agatha Christie character Miss Marple, Sui’s latest collection, titled “WHODUNNIT!!!” transported us all to the 1930’s English countryside with its charming assortments of sharp tweeds, crochet collar garb, fairisle prints, checkered sweaters, pleated skirts, and newsbody. While Sui still brought her signature vintage vibe to all the garments, this collection was a little different in that it incorporated shades of browns—ranging from tobacco, toffee, and chocolate—rather than the brighter hues that she’s become known for over the years. 

Image courtesy of Raoul Gatchalian

Tapping into the collection’s brilliant textures and incredible headwear, R+Co BLEU Co-Founder and lead hairstylist, Garren, was inspired to create chic, grunge-inspired, silky hairstyles for the runway show, using products from the sustainable, luxury haircare line. 

“In this story for me, it’s a story of BLEU and how you customize the look and products based on hair type and what she needs—so, each girl has their own story,” said Garren. “I’m going full chic-grunge, because of the collection’s grunge headgear. There’s a scarf like Queen Elizabeth would do with a little hat on top of that, then there’s a little flip hat where there are all different textures that hang in the back, like grunge. So, the girls have all these things going on. So, when I saw this, I wanted to minimize the texture. We haven’t seen silky, corn silk hair in a long time, so I’m trying to emulate that.”

Image courtesy of Keith Montero

When it came to working with each model’s hair, Garren individually customized the products to suit the needs of their hair. In fact, in the days leading up to the show, all the models were given an R+Co BLEU Shampoo and Conditioner, specific to their hair type and texture (curly, damaged, bleached, long, etc), to use and prep their hair with the morning of the show. 

Image courtesy of Keith Montero

The Tease was lucky enough to get all the details on the sleek and shiny looks that Garren created for Anna Sui’s Fall 2024 runway show—including the exact R+Co BLEU products that he used backstage on the models. Keep scrolling the styling breakdown. 

Get the Look:

Image courtesy of Keith Montero
  1. Models were given R+Co BLEU Shampoo and Conditioner to use and prep hair with the morning of the show:
  2. For overly processed or damaged hair, apply Super Style Creme ($54) to seal the cuticle. For curly hair, work Rebounce Natural Texture & Curl Defining Creme ($42) throughout hair.
  3. Apply Smooth & Seal Blow-Dry Mist ($66) for lasting smoothness and Optical Illusion Smoothing Oil ($59) for silky shine.
  4. Style based on hair type and cut:
    • For those with bobs, use a round brush and flat iron to polish the look for a coquette-grunge edge.
    • For those with shags, push bangs to the side and blunt the sides to evoke an early 90’s grunge vibe.

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