How/Why Do You Hide Going To Cosmetology School From Your Parents


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It’s the classic movie troupe. The coming of age story where the young adult realizes that their childhood dreams weren’t actually their own, but those of their parents. This doesn’t just happen in the movies. It’s important to learn what you want for your life and move toward that even if others do not see that dream right away.

Jose Rojas is a fantastic example of that story. A seasoned color specialist with a penchant for boldness, Jose Rojas has worked as a Chicagoland regional training artist for Hair Cuttery Family of Brands for two years and with the company for six years. Operating from Hair Cuttery’s Hunt Club location in Gurnee, Illinois, Jose strikes a careful balance between creating color perfection—specializing in balayage and vivid applications—and fostering a genuine sense of trust from behind the chair and making every guest look and feel better ultimately about themselves. Jose’s most significant professional experiences include his time spent working with the education team at the American Beauty Show in Chicago, where he not only presented his work and helped prep models but lived out a dream five years in the making.

Through his work at Hair Cuttery, Jose has evolved from a shy newcomer to a passionate, social educator who is not afraid to use color in new and striking ways. Jose had participated in color and style campaigns and events including The World of Dance Event with Paul Mitchell and also Chicago Fashion Week. Follow Jose’s color journey on IG @yose_hair2 or on TikTok @yosehair.

Jose joined us this week to discuss his journey to the professional industry, his journey to Hair Cuttery and how his heritage impacted his life, both in his career and outside of it.

“You just have to do it. At the end of the day, it’s for yourself. It’s your life. When you’re 65, you’ve lived your life to the fullest, you’re like, ‘Damn, did I really do what I wanted to do in life?’ I don’t wanna look back with regret.”

“If I could just go on tour with one person, I feel like my life would be complete. Like I did what I wanted to do.”

“It’s still hair. Why does it matter if I’m a boy doing a woman’s hair or if it’s a girl in a barbershop? Like that shouldn’t matter. It should be based upon how you treat your people and the skills you have, not cuz ‘Oh you’re a man, you should be working in a barbershop’.”

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