I Talked With 2 Stylists about How Corporate Hair Trends Change and Here’s What I Learned


As we shift into fall, hair trends are evolving more than ever. Which got us thinking, what’s trending re: beauty in the workplace? Hair professionals in the tri-state area give a glimpse of hair trends they’ve seen influencing their customers

“Hair has become so much more practical, and women want less maintenance,” said Maria Liberatore, a beautician at Salon 1026. “It doesn’t have to do so much with their professional life as opposed to their time. It’s basically about how much time do you have to spend on your hair in the morning.”

The Connecticut-based stylist notices her clients are more inclined to stick to a hair trend that calls for the least amount of maintenance possible. Whereas in a busy city like New York, beautician and salon owner of Hassadity Hair, Jennifer Edwards notes that her clients do change up their look depending on the season and their profession.

“As far as styling, I would say bobs are always a hit especially in a professional setting because it gives you a nice sleek, calm, and professional look,” Edwards said. “Also, a soft curl and a middle part, business professionals stick with a middle part as opposed to a side part.” 

Edwards also affirms that coloring or dying is not often requested by her clients when it pertains to women in professional work settings. “Natural black 1B, sometimes my clients request a darker jet-black color to give it that pop and for special occasions they’ll go for some type of highlight but still within a limit,” Edwards said.

But for female professionals, it’s hard to stick to one look when new hair trends are constantly emerging thanks to social media. TikTokers, like hair guru @hairby_chrissy, continuously push the hottest new looks with their use of hair extensions, layered cuts and Olaplex treatments. 

There are some good alternatives to changing your natural hair to keep up to date with these new looks. On Instagram,  @kendrasboutique, a virgin hair extension company, has over 1 million followers with content of custom wig units featuring different colors and textures. This page makes it easy for one to want a 30-inch wig with water waves one day and bouncy ginger curls the next. With wigs you can change up your look while keeping heat from damaging one’s hair. This is true for Edwards’ clients who lean more towards protective hairstyles that still allows the freedom to style it in many ways.

“What I noticed is that wigs are in style now, they were in style 10 years ago, and they’re going to be in style 10 years from now,” Edwards said.

Keeping up with new hairstyles is not easy and with fall right around the corner, it’s only a matter of time before a new hair trend floods everyone’s feed. Although we may rock a bob or a low-maintenance hairstyle, we make sure to look good while doing it.

Let us know in the comments what hairstyles your professional clients are wanting for fall!

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